About Madrid Food Tour

Madrid is home to amazing food.

We’ll help you find it, and introduce you to the hard-working, passionate locals who’re making it!

Who are we?

Madrid’s diverse gastronomy comes from the eclectic mix of Spaniards from all over the country who’ve made the capital their home. And we’re no different! A Spaniard, an American, and a Kiwi, we love showcasing how Madrid’s blend of Spanish cultures coexist… in the kitchen! Given this passion for Madrid and the history of Spanish cuisine, we founded Madrid Food Tour as the city’s first food tour company, allowing a range of authentic, local, and off-the-beaten-path experiences to visitors and Madrid residents. We’re dedicated to supporting small businesses, eating locally, and being fully immersed in the community, culture and history of our adopted hometown. Guidebooks and blogs will tell you where to eat. But we want to tell you what to eat and why. We want to give you a true and authentic understanding of the gastronomy of this fabulous city and country. People have told us that our enthusiasm is contagious – we think you’ll agree!

More than another Madrid tapas tour…

Our tours are in-depth cultural and food experiences. Our daytime cultural food tours include much more than tapas (although the tapas they include are delicious!), and our evening Madrid tapas tour brings you on an immersive and enchanting journey through this city’s exhilerating history, by way of medieval streets and age-old bars. It also includes a thirst-quenching and informative introduction to Spanish wines. If you are looking for people to hold your hand as you barhop, all within a few blocks, our tours are not for you! If you want to learn about Madrid’s local food culture, history, current trends, and long-standing traditions, while also meeting the locals behind the scenes, by all means, join us! So why not let our dedicated and passionate team take care of you on your visit to Madrid? We can’t wait! Buen provecho! aboutdivide

laurenlg lauren aloise

Founder & Tour Guide

Born and raised in a small New England town, Lauren grew up with farm fresh milk and an Italian-American family of talented home cooks. Five years ago she moved to Spain, where she has been writing and blogging about food, wine, and travel ever since. She loves the simplicity of Spanish cuisine, and the fact that at its core it is all about top quality, seasonal ingredients. Her favorite days in Madrid start with a visit to the market, where after shopping she usually stays for a vermouth or a glass of wine. With over 10 years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry, there is nothing she enjoys more than sharing Madrid’s food history and best bites with guests.

Lauren’s Madrid food tip:

A steaming slice of tortilla de patatas from Casa Dani in Mercado de la Paz. Go early (and go hungry!).


james james blick

Field Director & Tour Guide

A New Zealander by birth, James has lived in Madrid with his Spanish wife Yolanda. When not leading curious visitors through the medieval backstreets and tucked-away taverns of the Spanish capital, he writes about travel and food for the international press. His favorite Spanish dish is boquerones en vinagre (pickled anchovy fillets served with garlic and parsley), especially if they’re accompanied by a cool glass of albarín wine (which, he wants to make clear, is different from albariño!). Check out his Madrid bar and restaurant recommendations at his site www.madridchow.com and his YouTube videos at http://goo.gl/bYLVrz.

James’ Madrid food tip:

Only order vermouth in Madrid if the bar serves it on tap… bottled vermouth is for drinking at home.


ale alejandro cabrera

Operations Manager

Alejandro is from the southern Spanish coast of Cadiz, a region world-renowned for its fresh, delicious seafood. His ideal afternoon would be spent in a simple beachfront snack bar, eating the specialties of his hometown: fried fish, cured tuna, and a cold glass of gazpacho to wash it all down. Here in Madrid, Alejandro loves the city’s the gastronomic diversity and mix of ethnic cuisines. But, at the end of the day, he says he wouldn’t trade Spanish food for anything else!

Alejandro’s Madrid food tip:

Despite what you might think you know about sherry – think again. Try the dry styles we Spaniards drink and then make up your mind!


luke Luke Darracott

Tour Guide

Luke is an Englishman who left the rainy land of royalty and tea for the sunnier climbs of Madrid. He is a Spain addict and when he’s not taking hungry – or thirsty – visitors through the city’s old alleys to hidden bars bursting with wine and food, he travels and writes or translates Spanish and Russian texts. On his travels he has visited every part of Spain but feels like Madrid is his home. He’s never more happy than when he’s sat in an old tavern with a steaming bowl of fabada (a hearty meat and bean stew from Asturias), a hunk of cabrales (a blue cheese from the same region) and a glass, or bottle, of Galicia’s Ribeira Sacra red wine. To see Luke’s Spain obsession visit www.lukedarracott.com.

Luke’s Madrid food tip:

For great cider, sumptuous roast chicken and blocks of cabrales cheese head to the 126-year old Casa Mingo.


kelly Kelly Maslow

Tour Guide

Hailing from chilly Minneapolis, it isn’t hard to figure out why Kelly wanted to move to sunny Spain. After 3 years down south in Seville and after meeting the Sevillian man of her dreams, both decided to head north to the big city. If she’s not injecting our guests with her infectious energy, she’s probably having a crisp, cool Rueda wine on a Madrid terrace. And contrary to popular belief, she’s of the opinion there’s never too much jamón.

Kelly’s Madrid food tip:

You don’t have to break the bank to have a good time out with friends. Check out bar Quevedo in the heart of the literary quarter for ice-cold bottles of Cruzcampo and free raciones with every drink, like imitation baby eel with garlic potatoes or a spicy chistorra sausage scramble.


debbie Debbie Musgrove

Tour Guide

Born and raised in London, Debbie has a degree in Spanish Philology (which pretty much makes her a Spain guru) and she finally took the plunge and moved to Madrid in 2010 after spending the last decade travelling to the city at every possible opportunity.
She now dedicates her time to exploring Spanish cuisine and culture, as well as living in and visiting many other cities around the Iberian peninsula. In her spare time, Debbie is often found in the small coffee and cake shops around Malasaña, tucking into sweet treats such as miguelitos (small cream filled pastries) and tapping away at her computer, writing up her latest recipes for her food blog www.inseatnumber3.com.

Debbie’s Madrid food tip:

For great tostas and an authentic Spanish tavern experience, head to Cuevas El Secreto on Calle Barcelona.


debbie Joy Figueroa

Tour Guide

Born and bred in the Big Apple, Joy first came to Spain in 2009 on holiday… but she ended up falling in love with the language, the culture, the weather, and especially the incredible food. And so her brief holiday turned into a permanent move. Now she works as both a guide and a teacher and whenever she gets the chance she hits the road and continues exploring and learning about the vast culinary delights of Spain. And, like a true Madrid local, her perfect downtime activity is lounging in her local tapas bar, sipping vermouth and nibbling on fresh, home-cooked tapas.

Joy’s Madrid food tip:

Try Ene Bar in La Latina for a delicious, gourmet menú del día (fixed price three-course lunch menu) for only €12. Their outdoor terrace is unbeatable in spring and summer!