What is a food tour?

Our food tours are a perfect introduction to the lovely city of Madrid and to Spanish cuisine and customs. Designed for both tourists and locals alike (Spaniards learn a lot on our tours!), we will visit some of the city’s best eateries, including (depending on the tour you choose) markets, taverns, gourmet shops and bars, as well as some hidden gems that few people know to enter. Taking a Madrid Food Tour is like visiting a fellow foodie friend and spending your time checking out their favorite spots in the city.

When should we schedule a Madrid Food Tour?

If you are thinking about a Madrid Food Tour please book online in advance so we can be sure to accommodate you. We highly recommend taking our food tours at the beginning of your visit in order to really be able to use the advice and knowledge you gain during the tour. Many of our participants return to the tasting locations various times throughout their stay, or take advantage of the guide’s other recommendations. Check our tour calendar for all upcoming availability.

Do I have to book the tour in advance? Can I pay cash?

Your Madrid Food Tour must be reserved in advance, as our tours are quite small and usually sell out ahead of time. To book your tour simply click Book Now. You will pay for the tour ticket at the time of booking. Tickets are non-refundable, as your place is being guaranteed on the tour and there are a very limited number of spots available for each tour.

Can I book a tour with only 1 person?

Our booking system does offer the option to sign up for a tour as a solo traveler, however Madrid Food Tour reserves the right to cancel or reschedule a tour that does not meet the two person minimum.

If a food tour is sold out, can I get on a waiting list?

At this time we are unable to provide a waiting list. If your desired date and time is sold out, we may add an additional tour that day. Please contact us to let us know the date you are looking for and we will do our best to accommodate you.

How long is the tour? How much walking is involved?

Our tours usually lasts between 3.5 and 4.5 hours, depending on the tour and also the walking pace of the group. We will be standing or walking for the majority of the time, although we do make a couple of sit down stops on some of our tours. We walk at a casual pace and remind participants to dress with comfortable foot wear.

How much food is served on the food tour?

Our tours are a combination of a tasting tour and cultural walking tour. We will taste a lot of different foods no matter the tour! See our specific tour descriptions for more details. If you are unclear after reading their descriptions, please contact us.

Is there a wine tasting included on the tour?

All of our tours include at least one opportunity to taste a Spanish wine or alcoholic beverage, and some tours include multiple glasses of wine. If you do not drink wine, alternate beverages will be provided at all stops. As a coke is often double the price a glass of wine, we are unable to provide discounts for those who do not drink alcohol. The joys of living in the world’s number one wine producing country!

Are your tours only for tourists?

Absolutely not! Our tours are perfect for tourists and locals alike (see what local Madrid food blogger Erin had to say about the tour after 7 years in Madrid!). We visit some very unique and lesser known food havens of the city and also provide a cultural and historic walk of the neighborhood. Our tours are an especially good choice for anyone new to Madrid who wants to discover the best places to go from the start.

Does the tour guide expect gratuities?

Our guides are some of the best in the city and gratuities are greatly appreciated, although never expected nor mandatory. The standard gratuity in the service industry is 10-15%.

Can you accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

Certain dietary restrictions can be accommodated but please check with us first. If we cannot accommodate you on a tour, we could likely plan a customized itinerary. Please let us know if anyone in your party has a dietary restriction (e.g. vegetarian, diabetic, allergy, etc.) when contacting Madrid Food Tour. We will do our best to find a suitable option. If you do suffer a food allergy we will require you to sign a waiver at the start of your tour.

Can I shop during the tour?

Our daytime Madrid Food Tours do include some time to shop at certain food shops, however unscheduled stops are discouraged for the sake of finishing the tour on time. We will be sure to give you directions and advice to continue your shopping after the tour.

Should I eat anything before taking the tour?

We would recommend that you only eat a light snack before the tours, as we will start tasting right away. Most of our guests feel comfortably full after taking our tours.

Can children participate in a food tour?

Children are certainly welcome on our daytime tours, however we remind participants that there is a lot of walking involved and the samples may not always be what children are used to. If you have any doubts, please contact us and we could also design a custom tour for your family.

Is the tour wheelchair and baby stroller accessible?

Unfortunately, due to small Spanish alleyways and restaurants, our Madrid Food Tours are not wheelchair or baby stroller accessible.

How can I book a private tour?

Private tours are available with the itineraries here or are also fully customizable. Please contact us with your requests and we will provide a quote.

Are any beverages served on the tour?

All Madrid Food Tours offer at least one beverage sample, and water is also provided upon request– just ask!

Does the tour end at the same place we meet?

Most of our tours end very close to the location where they began (within 5 minutes), and we are also happy to give you directions from the last stop on each tour.

What types of foods are served on the tour?

Our tours offer samples of Madrid’s best foods, from sweet pastries, to cured ham, cheese, and olives, hot tapas, typical candies and more. See specific tour descriptions for a better idea of the focus of each tour.

Do we only walk around tasting food?

A Madrid Food Tour is delicious, but it is so much more than a just a tasting experience! Your guide is there to tell you about the city, its history, monuments, and food evolution. During your experience you will learn loads about Madrid’s culinary history, current food scene, typical plates, and ingredients.

What happens if it is raining?

Grab an umbrella and vámanos! Madrid Food Tours are held rain or shine. Please check the conditions and dress appropriately.

Are bathrooms available during the tour?

Yes, bathrooms are available during the tour at various of our food-tasting locations.

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

Yes! Cameras are not only allowed, but encouraged! Your guide can even give you tips about food photography and make certain photos from the tour available online.

Can I get a refund or reschedule my tour?

Once purchased, tickets cannot be refunded or rescheduled because your space is being guaranteed on the tour. Our tours are very small, and often sell out.

What does the tour provide?

  • All food and drink tastings (enough for a meal)
  • A walking cultural tour of a specific area of the city
  • Our Devour Madrid Guide for eating more after the tour!
  • A local guide with loads of experience in Spanish food and drink and the history of Madrid
  • A special link to our Madrid Map, with lots of recommendations for your days in the city
  • Eating guides to other Spanish cities you might visit