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Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour
Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour Image


This walking wine tasting tour takes place across four of Madrid’s best tucked-away tapas bars! You’ll visit family-run eateries to try delicious vermouth on tap, freshly sliced jamón paired with sparkling cava and hot-off-the-grill tapas washed down with full-bodied reds. Your expert wine guide will lead you through the complete Spanish wine experience, and by the end you’ll know exactly how to do tapas like a local (and properly order a glass of wine in Spain!)

Start your night off in true Madrid style—surrounded by locals as you sip vermouth and nibble on tapas. Your expert guide will let you in on the secret to this local aperitif tradition!

Next, you’ll be whisked away to a family-run deli and tapas bar that specializes in Spain’s greatest delicacy—jamón! Watch as it’s sliced right before your eyes by a master carver! You’ll enjoy melt-in-your-mouth Iberian ham with a glass of sparkling Spanish cava.

Afterwards, you’ll head to a hidden gem where you’ll taste homemade tapas paired with two delicious Spanish wines, a white and a rosé.

Then you’re off to another local tavern run by a family who makes their own wine! Over plates of sizzling shrimp and hot-off-the-grill tapas, your expert guide will lead a tasting of the family’s three red wines! You’ll finish with something sweet—an exquisite chocolate-covered fig paired with the bar’s own sweet red wine.

By the end of the night, you’ll know exactly what it means to do tapas like a local and will have a new appreciation for Spain—the world’s largest vineyard and the sleeping giant of the wine world!

And as with all Devour Madrid  tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!

Tapas, Taverns & History Tour
Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Image


Learn to do tapas like a local as you make your way through Madrid’s city center! In between four iconic Madrid tapas bars, you’ll hear the story of how Madrid went from a small village to the capital of one of the world’s greatest empires! Between sipping Spanish wine and devouring the best of Madrid’s tapas, your expert guide will bring the city’s fascinating history to life as you wind in and out of grand plazas and mystery-filled streets.



Start your night by popping into a royally located tavern where you’ll find out what tapas really are! As you sip vermouth, you’ll taste freshly fried chips, local olives and Marcona almonds. Then it’s time for the show-stopper—Spain’s very best jamón ibérico de bellota, or cured acorn-fed Iberian ham.


Next up is Madrid’s royal palace, where you’ll get a mini-lesson on how Madrid was founded. As you wander through the oldest part of Madrid—the Habsburg neighborhood—you’ll discover its hidden squares and secrets.


Before you get to the next tapas bar, your expert guide will continue the story of Madrid’s history as they lead you down a tucked away street to show you a century-old tradition still practiced today!


The next tapas bar is known for one thing—fantastic grilled mushrooms! While here, you’ll learn what most locals drink (it’s NOT sangria!) as you enjoy its famous mushrooms and Padrón peppers.


As you make your way to the third tapas bar of the night, you’ll pass through two of Madrid’s key squares as your guide brings more of Madrid’s storied past to life.


At the third tapas bar, you’ll taste gambas al ajillo—a dish this family-run bar claims to have invented! You’ll also be able to order a glass of wine made from the same family’s vineyard in the Toro region.


To end the night with a bang, you’ll head to a traditional tapas bar to sit down and enjoy hot-off-the-grill raciones—larger portions meant to share! From crispy grilled chorizo to beer-battered calamari and more, this tapas feast will solidify your expertise in doing tapas like a local!


And as with all Devour Madrid  tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!

Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour
Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour Image


Discover the secrets of Madrid’s cuisine alongside a local expert! Not only will you get a glimpse of Madrid’s melting pot of flavors, but you’ll also be privy to well-kept local secrets, taste Madrid’s most emblematic flavors and rub elbows with the locals! As you wind through Madrid’s streets and squares, you’ll pop in and out of family-run eateries trying all sorts of specialties! This crash course in Spanish food and culture is an ideal introduction to Madrid’s food scene and all it has to offer!


You’ll start your morning off at a century-old bakery with a cup of thick Spanish hot chocolate, as well as coffee or tea, and a sweet treat.

Next up is the very market that’s paved the road for Spain’s current buzzing market scene. Here you’ll taste a selection of aperitifs paired with a cold glass of vermouth.

The third stop will let you in on a secret tradition that’s been taking place since the 17th century! We don’t want to give away too much, but it’s a sweet little surprise.

Next, you’re off to an iconic Madrid tavern where they’ve put a modern twist on traditional, slow-cooked beef stew.

At the fifth stop, we’ll sneak you into one of Madrid’s oldest kitchens specialized in making the city’s famous stew.

Next, it’s time for the jamón challenge! By the end of it, you’ll have tasted three varieties of cured ham (and know the difference between them!)

At the next stop, you’ll taste Madrid’s best Spanish omelet, and pick up a new skill you never knew you needed!

Next up is a stop at the only restaurant in Plaza Mayor where you’ll consistently find locals, where you’ll try a fried calamari sandwich.

Last but not least, you’ll head to a gourmet candy shop to taste three different types of Spanish turrón and toast with a shot of locally produced liqueur!

And as with all Devour Madrid tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!

Hidden Madrid Food & Market Adventure
Hidden Madrid Food & Market Adventure Image


Discover Madrid’s gorgeous, off-the-beaten-path Literary Quarter on a daytime foodie adventure! You’ll fall in love with this neighborhood’s cobblestone streets and everyday charm as you taste delicious bites from family-run eateries and wander through one of Madrid’s best local markets. In between tastes, you’ll find out why it’s called the Literary Quarter today as your expert guide brings Spain’s literary idols—who have lived and eaten in this neighborhood for centuries— to life!


Start your morning off right with freshly fried churros and thick, homemade Spanish hot chocolate. Find out why these aren’t your average churros, and why they’re some of the best in Madrid!

Next, you’ll head to the neighborhood’s oldest gourmet grocery store. Your expert guide will take you to the secret back room to taste various jams and honeys, olive oil and a few other sweet surprises.

On to the next stop! You’ll head to our favorite local deli where you’ll try three different types of Spanish cheeses paired with two wines.

Now it’s time to pop into one of Madrid’s best local markets, where you’ll meet the vendors and taste their specialties. First up is an olive tasting, where you’ll try six different olives, and a vinegar-cured anchovy if you dare!

Next up, you’ll see a more modern side to the market as you taste delicious slow-roasted pork porchetta on freshly baked bread. Though inherently Italian, this recipe is made with 100% Spanish ingredients!

As you wind your way through the market, your expert guide will point out a few of the more traditional stalls.

Finally, at the last market stop, you’ll meet a local expert on jamón and cured meats, and you’ll try three of his best—jamón serrano, jamón ibérico and cured beef!

After the market, you’ll head to a neighborhood bar to enjoy Madrid’s quintessential aperitif—an ice-cold vermouth poured straight from the tap—with a selection of gourmet open-faced toasts.

And to finish, it’s time for something sweet! You’ll visit a local bakery to try the creamiest cheesecake in Madrid!

And as with all Devour Madrid tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!

Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch & Prado Museum Tour
Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch & Prado Museum Tour Image


Experience the best of Madrid’s culture and cuisine at its two most famous landmarks—the Prado Museum and Sobrino de Botín, the world’s oldest restaurant! Spend the morning walking through the Prado and soaking up Spain’s complicated history. Tales of intrigue, power and mysterious love affairs swirl behind each masterpiece you’ll see! After an aperitif in the famed Literary Quarter, you’re off to Botín, where you’ll enjoy a traditional 3-course Spanish meal, complete with Rioja red wine and roasted suckling pig.


There’s no more fitting spot to meet than right in front of Francisco Goya’s statue! Before entering one of Spain’s greatest art collections, your expert guide will set the scene for the dramatic stories you’re about to hear.

And into the Prado you go! Your 1.5-hour tour will cover 20 masterpieces that highlight Spain’s storied past. You’ll discover the characters and events that inspired these works of art, and you’ll go beyond the paint and into the minds of those behind them! From Velazquez and Goya to Bosch and Titian, your expert guide will give you a firm footing to appreciate and understand each painting.

Next up, you’ll be whisked away for a stroll through the gorgeous Literary Quarter, well known as the stomping grounds for many of Spain’s literary greats. You’ll pop into a century-old tavern to open up your appetite and enjoy Madrid’s most traditional aperitif!

Finally, it’s time to head to the world’s oldest restaurant—Sobrino de Botín—for a three-course Spanish feast. Your expert guide will walk you through hidden escape tunnels and other history-filled secrets before sitting down to a three-course meal. You’ll enjoy roasted suckling pig, which is made in their 300-year-old ovens, market-fresh vegetables and dessert. All of this, of course, is washed down with plenty of Rioja red wine.

And as with all Devour Madrid  tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!

Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour
Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour Image


Too many visitors sign up for a flamenco show without really knowing what they’re about to watch. Join us for a night of flamenco and tapas, and an expert guide will walk you through the history of this beautifully tragic dance. In between delicious bites, you’ll learn where flamenco came from and why Madrid’s considered the capital of it all! After a heart-stopping one-hour show, you’ll sit down to a hot-off-the-grill tapas feast—the perfect moment to discuss what you’ve just seen!


Start your night out with the classic Madrid aperitif—a glass of sweet vermouth straight from the tap! You’ll pair it with a classic tapa found all over the city—tostas, or open-faced toasts topped with all sorts of tasty ingredients.

On our way to the next tapas joint, your expert guide will show you why flamenco is so much more than the dance as you pop into a local flamenco shoe store, as well as a traditional flamenco guitar shop.

Next up, you’ll sit down to enjoy a delicious plate of cured meats and cheeses while your guide prepares you for the heart-stopping show you’re about to see!

Then it’s time for the show! Get ready for 50 minutes of raw emotion paired with traditional dancing, and masterful guitar playing and singing.

To finish up the night, you’re off to a family-owned restaurant where they also make their own wine! You’ll enjoy hot-off-the-grill tapas like fried potatoes in a spicy brava sauce and sizzling garlic prawns! It’s the perfect moment to share great food and wine while going over what you’ve all just witnessed!

And as with all Devour Madrid  tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city! So put down your guidebook and get ready to experience Madrid like a local!>

Madrid for Kids Walking Tour
Madrid for Kids Walking Tour Image

Discover Madrid’s historic city center on a family-friendly walking tour with an expert guide. Our Madrid for Kids tour is specially designed for kids ages 6 to 14, with adapted activities and conversation topics for each age group. You can even add on our language learning activities if your kids are interested in practicing their Spanish!

The walking tour explores the city’s beautiful historic center, passing through Madrid’s main sights: The Royal Palace, Plaza de la Villa, San Miguel Market, Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del Sol. The fun and dynamic tour will keep your children engaged throughout with stories of Spanish history– explorers, kings and queens, princes and princesses, knights, artists, and more. For young children, activities and games may include searching for the symbol of Madrid throughout the tour– our beloved “oso” bear!

About one hour into the tour, we’ll make our first stop for a tasting of the best Iberian ham and cured meats at a traditional, family-run ham shop. Adults and children will enjoy a beverage of choice (cava, wine, beer, soft drinks, or water) and kids will learn the art of making Spanish sandwiches, called “bocadillos” as they learn all about Spanish culture and how kids their own age live in Spain.

Towards the end of the route, you’ll make your second food stop at Chocolatería San Ginés, the city’s most famous spot for piping hot churros and chocolate. You’re welcome to have a coffee or tea as a pick me up before continuing the day.

Secrets of Spanish Wine Tasting Experience
Secrets of Spanish Wine Tasting Experience Image

Join us on a Spanish wine adventure in our private, underground wine cave in central Madrid. We’ll unlock the secrets of Spanish wine as we taste our way around the country in six glasses. You’ll sip and swirl led by a passionate local wine expert, who gives the tasting in English.

Over the course of two hours, you’ll learn the fascinating history of Spanish winemaking, the most common local grape varieties, and what to look for when buying Spanish wine– including demystifying intricate wine labels!

You’ll taste six excellent wines paired with light tapas, from dry and crisp Spanish white wine to undervalued top-quality Spanish cava, and finally on to the country’s best red wines. We’ll introduce you to some of the classics, but also to some small producers worth seeking out.

No matter your prior wine knowledge, this tasting is perfect for anyone curious about Spanish wines. You’ll leave with a greater appreciation for Spain’s incredible wines, as well as a list of wines to seek out during the rest of your trip.

Cheers to seeing you soon!

Madrid Ham Tasting Experience
Madrid Ham Tasting Experience Image

Spanish ham is a local source of pride– and not all hams are created equal!

Join our passionate ham experts at a family-run jamón shop in Madrid’s city center and sit down to an hour-long tasting of the best Spanish ham in town. You’ll learn all about this celebrated tradition, from how the animals are raised to how the meat is cured. You’ll see the different parts of the ham and learn what each is used for — and how to order the prime cuts of pork and ham in a restaurant!

You’ll taste five different types of ham– from Serrano to the gold label Iberian Acorn-Fed variety (the best of the best!) and learn to appreciate the difference. You’ll also learn about the art of carving the ham (an admired profession) and have a chance to give it a try.

We’ll pair the ham with two Spanish wines, cava and a local Madrid red wine. You’ll see why people call cava and jamón the perfect pairing!

Your experience will be led by a passionate food guide, and you’ll also meet the shop’s owners who will share their stories.

Insider’s Madrid Rastro Tour & Tapas Crawl


Dive into the bustling backstreets of Madrid’s famous Rastro flea-market, founded around 1740! Led by a passionate local expert, you’ll discover the secrets of this historic market as you explore overflowing antique and second-hand shops, meet the charismatic vendors and hear their stories of life in the market. We’ll take you past the touristy side of the market, and into the areas where you will experience first hand the flavour and atmosphere that make this a Madrid institution. Then you’ll hit two buzzing market tapas bars to enjoy classic Madrid tapas with the locals, including including grilled seafood and crispy pork belly. And of course you’ll pair the tapas with local wine, beer and vermouth. This is a true Madrid experience not to be missed!

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