Wacky Spanish Christmas Traditions You Should Know

Yummy Spanish Christmas sweets are among our favorite Christmas traditions in Madrid!

This blog post was originally published on December 23, 2014 and was updated on November 2, 2017. Many countries have their own special Christmas customs, and Spain is no exception. Perhaps you already know about the Three Kings that bring children presents or the special sweets eaten this time of year. However, there are a […]

10 Ways to Get Off the Beaten Path in Madrid

Overhead shot of a mug of thick hot chocolate with a ladyfinger cookie.

Madrid is packed with amazing art museums, world-renowned wine, century-old markets and perfectly manicured parks. It is also packed with tourists: millions of them in an average year, to be exact. And that means a day of sight seeing in Madrid often means long lines, crowded bars and packed plazas. But never fear—it is possible to […]

Traditional Spanish Comfort Food at Home: Cocido Madrileño Recipe

This blog post was originally posted on February 19, 2015 and was updated on November 2, 2017 On cold winter days, there’s no better feeling than digging into a deliciously warm and comforting meal. And for most Madrid residents nothing warms the soul quite like a good cocido madrileño. Spaniards have quite a few hearty dishes […]