Guide to Eating Vegetarian & Vegan in Madrid

If you're looking for a vegan place to eat in Madrid, take a look at Colectiva Cafe. We included it in our vegan and vegetarian guide to Madrid because the food is amazing!

Fear not: Spain may love its meat, but eating vegetarian or vegan in Madrid is surprisingly easy. The trick lies in knowing where to go and what to order! At first glance, Spain may not seem like the most herbivore-friendly of destinations. With giant legs of ham hanging from the ceilings of traditional bars, and […]

Breakfast in Madrid: 10 Can’t-Miss Spots

Toasted bread with fresh pureed tomato

We take our breakfast seriously here in Spain, and to really immerse yourself in local life, you should do the same. Join us at these spots for breakfast in Madrid to start your morning off right! Breakfast is so important here in Spain that on many days, we eat it twice. First up is a […]