5 Best Bets for Breakfast in Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on February 25, 2014, and was updated on October 11, 2017.

In Spain, breakfast often tends to fly under the radar, but there is an amazing variety of delicious breakfast treats you can enjoy, especially in Madrid!

With such incredible gastronomy to sample at lunch and dinner, perhaps you haven’t had a chance to think about the all-important morning meal. Though breakfast in Madrid tends to be smaller than in countries like Ireland or Great Britain, madrileños make sure it is just as tasty.

Breakfast in Madrid is varied and delicious! From churros and chocolate, to fresh baked pastries and toast with tomato and olive oil, check out our tips!

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The eating schedule in Spain is sacred with almost as much importance placed upon meal times as the food itself! From this guide, you can use our recommendations not only for breakfast in Madrid but also the media mañana, which is the mid-morning snack. Since Spaniards don’t eat lunch until 2 p.m., you’ll want something to tide you over!

For a traditional bite: Café de Oriente

How about an amazing view to go with your breakfast? Located just opposite the Royal Palace, Café de Oriente is one of our favorite spots for a traditional Spanish breakfast in Madrid. With your café con leche (coffee with milk), we suggest ordering a typical tostada con tomate y aceite (bread with crushed tomato and olive oil). This Spanish breakfast is simplicity at its finest! For an extra pick-me-up, you can add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Address: Plaza de Oriente, 2

Start your day the right with our recommendations for where to eat breakfast in Madrid!
You can enjoy the incredible view of the Royal Palace while sipping your morning coffee at Café de Oriente! Image Credit: Charles Sharp

For Great Coffee: HanSo Café

For most Spaniards, the most important part of breakfast in Madrid is the coffee, and we tend to agree! Whether you’re grabbing it to go or wishing to enjoy your cup in-house, few places do coffee better than HanSo Café. Located in the hip Malasaña neighborhood, HanSo has everything from traditional café con leche to matcha tea lattes with almond milk. The friendly baristas take their craft seriously and are more than happy to offer suggestions if you’re not sure what to order. In addition to great coffee, HanSo also has a tasty selection of pastries, tostadas and sandwiches!

Address: Calle Pez, 20

For a Treat: Chocolatería San Ginés

Did you wake up craving something sweet?  Chocolate lovers rejoice because San Ginés has your ultimate breakfast in Madrid: chocolate con churros. Although you can find churros throughout Madrid, San Ginés has been serving them up the longest. Since 1894, the world-famous choclatería has been satisfying sweet tooths with its savory wands of fried dough and steaming cups of hot chocolate. You can stop in anytime as San Ginés is open 24 hours a day, and don’t forget to drink whatever chocolate your churros leave behind!

Address: Pasadizo San Ginés, 5

Churros are a breakfast delight for every sweet tooth, lightly fried spirals of dough and even better when dipped in chocolate - one of our favorite options for breakfast in Madrid
Fried dough and chocolate for breakfast? You bet!

Churros might just be the classic Spanish breakfast! Devour Madrid expert guide Joy takes you inside the iconic San Ginés and shares tips for enjoying this sweet treat like a local.

For Brunch: Toast Café

Brunch is still a relatively new concept in Spain, but it’s quickly gaining popularity as an option for breakfast in Madrid. Considering their love for late nights and long, leisurely meals, it’s no wonder madrileños love brunch! Popular among locals and the international community alike, Toast Café uses quality ingredients to create trendy American homemade dishes. Our mouths are watering just thinking about Toast’s peanut butter and jelly pancakes! Oh, and what’s brunch without a breakfast cocktail?! Toast serves mimosas and Bloody Marys. On the weekends, this brunch joint can fill up, so you might want to make a reservation online.

Address: Calle de Fernando de Católico, 50

Best cafés in Madrid
Wherever you decide to have breakfast in Madrid, you’re sure to find cafe con leche!

For Something Healthy: Café Federal

Located near Plaza de España, Café Federal is our go-to choice for a healthy breakfast in Madrid. As much as we love wine, jamón and churros, sometimes our bodies crave organic ingredients and fresh produce. We can’t think of a more pleasant atmosphere for enjoying a green smoothie than this light-washed café. Federal also has an amazing selection of gluten-free options. Anything but touristy, this spot fills up with locals in the know looking to start their day the healthy way.

Address: Plaza de las Comendadoras, 9

If you’re planning a visit to Madrid and are unsure where to begin your culinary adventure, join us for a food tour! On our Daytime Ultimate Spanish Cuisine tour, you’ll taste everything from breakfast to tapas! From hot chocolate to classic Rioja wine! Prepare to discover the real Madrid through foods and flavors that make Spain’s capital the amazing city that it is!

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