5 Bizarre Buys from El Rastro Market in Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on August 5, 2015 and was updated on October 10, 2017.

From undies to Star Wars, the Rastro never disappoints!

El Rastro Flea Market is one of the most popular and largest open-air markets in Spain. In the sea of stalls and people, you can grab some fantastic bargains every Sunday. However, what makes this flea market truly unique is the bizarre buys you can find! Read on to discover our 5 Bizarre Buys from El Rastro Market in Madrid!

The Rastro market in Madrid is a must! Here are some of the weirdest things we've found at this unique flea market!

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1. New Undies

This El Rastro stall has the widest (and cheapest) selection of undies you’ll ever find. Whatever your size or color preference, there’s a pair to match your personality and current mood!

Bizarre Buys at El Rastro Market in Madrid include y-fronts.
Bizarre Buys at El Rastro Market include y-fronts.

Price: 1€

2. A selection of knives for any occasion

Spain is famous for their love of knives. More so the jamón carving knife, the only knife that is drawn towards you, not away. Pick up a bargain here, but make sure to check customs regulations when you leave…

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Knives are just one of the many strange things you can buy at El Rastro Market in Madrid
Knives are just one of the many strange things you can buy at El Rastro Market.

Price: 2 – 20€

3. Chinese Kung Fu Figurines

With such a huge Chinese community in Madrid, you’ll find Asian items all over El Rastro. For starters, these little Kung Fu figurines are a unique present to bring back from Madrid.

Kung Fu Figurines? Yep, these are definitely a bizarre find at El Rastro Market in Madrid.
Kung Fu Figurines? Yep, these are definitely a bizarre find!

Price: 6€

4. Puppets

These furry guys will make any kid’s (or adult’s) heart melt. You can buy different types of animals wearing all types of clothes.

Bizarre Buys at El Rastro market in Madrid include puppets in all colors and shapes!
Puppets in all colors and shapes, only found at El Rastro Market!

Price: 15 – 25€

5. Yoda

Hidden in a creepy used-doll shop is the one and only Yoda. Try not to be intimidated by all the dolls’ eyes staring at you around the shop – may the force be with you.

May Yoda be with you at El Rastro in Madrid.
May Yoda be with you!

Price: 8€

Insider’s Tip: As El Rastro Flea Market gets super busy in the afternoon, the best time to visit is early Sunday morning!

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