Seven Bizarre Foods You Can Find in Madrid

This blog post was originally posted on August 29, 2014, and was updated on December 14, 2017. 

We absolutely adore the food in Madrid, but even we have to admit that some typical Spanish dishes here are a little bit out of the ordinary!

Madrid is famous for its casquería (offal and organ meats) and locals are known to indulge in delicious preparations of tripe, kidneys, sweetbreads and beyond. You’ll also find yummy Madrid foodie favorites like snails, barnacles and pork rinds available at any traditional bar. And while we realize that unusual foods are relative depending on who is eating them, here are seven bizarre foods in Madrid that surprise our non-Spanish friends most often!

Eating in Madrid can be a bizarre experience-- especially when you discover all the crazy bizarre foods in Madrid! Would you try these Madrid delicacies?

1. Callos a la Madrileña – Madrid-Style Tripe Stew

One of Madrid’s most popular winter dishes, tripe stew (known locally as callos), is a rich and hearty meal that even the skeptics will find themselves adoring. Made with perfectly cooked chickpeas, cow tripe, chorizo and blood sausage, it might sound scary but we encourage you to give it a try. You’ll be thankful for this dish if you visit during the colder months. Don’t blame us when you’re asking for seconds!

Where to try tripe in Madrid:

  • Visit Taberna La Bola (Calle de la Bola, 5) for a sit-down meal. Callos is one of their signature dishes!
  • For standing room only, check out our friends at Bodegas Ricla (Calle Cuchilleros, 6)!
Callos may be one of the more bizarre foods in Madrid, but it is incredibly delicious and certainly worth a try when you're in the city
Warm and flavorful, tripe stew is a local favorite when it comes to bizarre foods in Madrid. Yum!

2. Oreja a la Plancha – Grilled Pig Ear

When we tell our friends that pig ear is one of Madrid’s most traditional dishes, many people stare back in horror. “But that’s what we feed our dogs!” they exclaim. Well, those lucky dogs have been feasting on one of the city’s delicacies. Here in Madrid, local bars chop up pig ears and grill them until they’re nice and crispy. They’re served with a side of spicy bravas sauce, and of course, accompanied by a cold beer.

Where to try pig ear in Madrid:

  • Our beloved Casa Toni (Calle de la Cruz, 14)—a stop on our Tapas, Taverns & History tour—is among the best places to eat this dish in the city center!
  • For a more modern version, try the delicious pig ear dumplings at StreetXO (Calle de Serrano, 52), a more casual spot opened by 3-Michelin-star chef David Muñoz in the El Corte Inglés food court.
This plate of pig ear, mixed with bacon and served with a slice of lemon is one of the most typical bizarre foods in Madrid.
A plate of perfectly cooked pig ear is typical in Madrid, and is extra delicious with a squeeze of lemon!

3. Caracoles – Snails

Although famous in many cities around the world, you won’t find many people more obsessed with good snails than a true Madrileño. The proof? The line out the door at the local snail bars every Sunday morning at the famous Rastro Flea Market! It’s one of the less bizarre foods in Madrid, considering France to the north, but it’s still strange to most travelers!

Where to try snails in Madrid:

  • The agreed-upon best spot is called Los Caracoles (Calle de Toledo, 106). It’s no surprise that the best snails in Madrid come from a spot literally named “The Snails!”
This big bowl of snails is a typical sight you'll come across in restaurants in Madrid. It's one of the less bizarre foods in the city, but it's still unusual to some!
Snails are popular all throughout Spain, but many consider the best of the best to be right here in Madrid!

4. Zarajos – Deep-fried Braided Lamb Intestines

Close your eyes and take a bite! Perhaps the most off-putting of the foods on this list, these lamb intestines are cleaned and braided around wooden sticks, before being fried to juicy, crispy perfection. When done right they taste crunchy, gamey and utterly delicious—when not, you’ll need an extra strong sangria!

Where to try lamb intestines in Madrid:

  • You really can’t go wrong with our friends at Casa Toni (Calle de la Cruz, 14). You won’t need that extra strong sangria if you order your zarajos from here!

5. Percebes – Gooseneck Barnacles

These delicious sea critters come from Galicia, where fishermen risk their lives to collect them. This explains the hefty price tag for a small plate—they can go for up to 70€ per pound! They look quite unusual, even in comparison to the other bizarre foods in Madrid, but once you’ve tried them with a refreshing albariño wine and the right company, you’ll start to see what all the fuss is about.

Where to try goose barnacles in Madrid:

The scaly, bumpy appearance of goose-neck barnacles is certainly deceptive because this bizarre food is incredibly tasty!
Gooseneck barnacles may look strange, but they’re exceptionally tasty!

6. Criadillas – Bull Testicles

Head to one of the many great markets in Madrid and you’ll find a busy casquería booth—the organ meat butcher commonly has a long line on Saturday mornings. On display between the sheep brains and pig hearts, you’ll find the squiggly oval shaped specimens that you’re too afraid to ask about. They’re the bull testes, and despite being widely available in the markets, we’ve only found one restaurant that serves them on occasion. However, if you’re really interested in trying them, we have a local connection (see below!).

Our Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour visits the butcher’s booth at the Antón Martín Market, where you’ll get a full lesson in Spanish casquería!

Where to try bull testicles in Madrid:

  • Tabernícola (Calle de Buen Suceso, 20) offers criadillas al ajillo (garlic bull testicles) on their seasonal menu.
  • Stop by Bar Omaira in the Antón Martín Market (Calle de Santa Isabel, 5) and mention Devour Madrid Food Tours. You’ll get the hookup!

7. Ortiguillas Fritas – Fried Sea Anemone

You’ve probably never considered eating an anemone, but there is something strangely addictive about these little critters. Battered and deep-fried, their texture and appearance are similar to the croquettes you’re sure to try in Spain. However, their flavor is more comparable to raw oysters—a true taste of the ocean in every bite! Generally caught off the southern coast of Spain in the Gulf of Cádiz, these are tough to find in Madrid, but the places that source them serve them right.

Where to try sea anemone in Madrid:

  • The most authentic version can be found at La Taberna Sanlúcar (Calle San Isidro Labrador, 14).
  • For delicious croquettes made with sea anemone, check out Bar Lambuzo (Calle de los Conchas, 9)!
Lightly fried and served with a nice side salad, sea anemone are one of the best bizarre foods in Madrid - worth a try!
Sea anemone is another of the deliciously bizarre foods in Madrid.

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      Oh, yum! We love snails! Try asking a specialty store near you—they’ll surely have some ideas how how/where to buy them! Suerte!

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    Snails are delicious! I just returned from Maine and had a chance to pick quite a few snails and some mussels and I cooked them myself.

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