8 Mouth-Watering Places to Find International Food in Madrid

Madrid is a haven for foodies and cooks alike – but we aren’t just talking about traditional Spanish foods!

The truth is, you’ll find an impressive variety of international food retailers all over this multicultural city. Check out eight of our favorite places to find international food in Madrid and unleash your adventurous side!

Madrid is filled with great choices for international food. Check out some of our tops picks for international food and ingredients here!

1. Greek and Shop

Found on the main street of Malasaña is this amazing Grecian eatery and shop. Here you’ll find Greek products such as tahini, tooreki and mastiha liquor! At least taste their take away pitas if nothing tickles your fancy.

Address: Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 9

Greek and Shop is a fantastic place to find Greek and other international food in Madrid!
Treat yourself to some hummus ingredients from Greek and Shop! Photo Credit: Bryan Doanne

2. Mercado de Barceló

Mercado de Barceló is a bustling market that houses many international food vendors. What stands out the most are the amazing Italian food stalls! Drop by Marco Pasta Fresca for some sublime take away pasta (think homemade pumpkin stuffed ravioli) and other scrumptious Italian products.

Address: Calle Barceló, 6

3. Tokyo-Ya

If you have a weakness for Japanese cuisine, then Tokyo-Ya has everything you need. This small shop sells everything you need to cook your own authentic Japanese experience!

Address: Avenida del Presidente Carmona, 9

Tokyo-Ya is a fantastic little shop to grab all the Japanese ingredients you need! It's only one of the 8 amazing places to find international food in Madrid.
Sushi has to be to best and most delicious Japanese food!  Photo Credit: SteFou! 

4. Mercado de Mostenses

Mercado de Mostenses is claimed to be one of the most international markets in Madrid. It’s also a haven for adventurous cooks! You’ll find a huge selection of Asian and Latin American product and food vendors. We especially recommend the Colombian juices and humitas and the chifa (Chinese-Peruvian fusion) booth run by a husband and wife team!

Address: Plaza de los Mostenses

A selection of Asian sauces at Madrid's Mostenses Market, one of the best places to find international food in Madrid.
Look at that selection!

5. Iberochina

The largest Chinese supermarket in Madrid is the one and only Iberochina. Here you’ll find every ingredient under the sun for Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese cooking!

Address: Calle Gral. Margallo, 23

Needing a Chinese food fix? Head to Iberochina for some fantastic Chinese food. A great spot to find international food in Madrid!
Xiao Long Bao (a Chinese steamed bun) is a delicacy that you can pick up from the supermarket Iberochina! Photo Credit: Wilson Hui

6. Alimentación Al-Nur

Hidden behind trees and by Madrid’s local mosque is Alimentación Al-Nur. This little gem sells an array of teas, za’atar (Lebanese spice mix) and molukhaya (an Egyptian soup). You’ll find exactly what you need to be adventurous in the kitchen!

Address: Calle Antonio Calvo, 11

7. Canasta Mexicana

Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t love Mexican food? I thought not, so try cooking it yourself! Stop by Canasta Mexicana for a variety of beans, sauces and other tasty ingredients. Also try the delicious take away tamales!

Address: Calle Segovia, 15

Canasta Mexicana is but one of the places to find international food in Madrid!
Who can say no to a tasty Mexican taco? Photo Credit: Paul Keller

8. Taste of America

Craving Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups? Then head to Taste of America! This American products retailer has an endless variety of creature comforts. You won’t be missing home any time soon!

Address: Calle San Marcos, 20

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    August 13, 2015 at 12:08 am

    Great list! Can’t wait to try them all when we arrive in Madrid in October!

  2. May 12, 2017 at 4:18 am

    Already hungry! Amazing intro of different taste of international cusine in Madrid. Amazing article!


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