Amazing Flamenco Souvenirs in Madrid

Hoping to lose yourself in the rhythm and passion of flamenco in Madrid? With so many great places to experience flamenco, you won’t be disappointed!

When you’re ready to head home, take a piece of the story with you. There are wonderful shops where you can buy flamenco dresses, shoes, instruments and more. Here are some ideas for places to get flamenco souvenirs in Madrid to keep the music going long after your plane lands.

Bring the passion and the music home with beautiful flamenco souvenirs from Madrid


If you’ve always dreamed of wearing a ruffled polka dot dress and shouting olé, then this is the place to go. Try on flamenco dresses of every color and design. There are modern and more traditional styles both for dance classes and for dress-up. Step into Spanish folklore at this amazing shop with dresses for every budget. Maty is a Madrid favorite for traditional costumes and dance wear!

Address: Calle Maestro Victoria 2, Madrid 28013

Don Flamenco

Don Flamenco specializes in leather dancing shoes. Whether you’re planning to take classes back home or just want a wearable memory of your flamenco experience, these shoes might just be the answer. With traditional and more modern styles, this special shop has something for everyone. In a pair of these beautifully made shoes, you’ll be stomping and tapping with the best. Stop by the shop in the Anton Martin neighborhood to try on flamenco history!

Address: Calle Santa Isabel 7, Madrid 28012

Dancers on a stage radiate passion and rhythm
Find something special to bring back the magic of flamenco!

El Flamenco Vive

Visit this flamenco palace for everything from elaborate hair combs to guitars. Find the perfect accessories to match your flamenco dress! Bring back earrings, bracelets and mantones (large, embroidered flamenco scarves) to keep your flamenco memories alive. For the musicians, take a look at beautiful guitars, castanets and more! The shop also has a great collection of books and CD’s.

Address: Calle Conde de Lemos, 7 Madrid 28013

Casa del Diego

If you are hoping to find wooden castanets, lace edged fans or an iconic black hair comb, then look no further. Casa Diego in the Puerta del Sol plaza has been selling beautifully made, traditional Spanish accessories since 1958. This Madrid institution is the perfect place to find unique gifts for friends and family.

Address: Puerta del Sol, 12 Madrid 28013

Lovely and colorful Spanish fans laid out on display
Keep a reminder of your trip to Spain close with a beautiful Spanish fan. Photo Credit: Nacho

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