Reina Sofia Museum Highlights: Beyond Guernica

Before delving into the Reina Sofia Museum highlights, be sure to get your bearings! The museum is huge and comprised of several buildings.

Every year, nearly four million people visit Madrid’s Reina Sofia Museum. For many, it’s to see one painting: Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica, one of the greatest and most influential works of art anywhere in the world. But as Spain’s national museum for modern and contemporary art, and with a collection of over 21,700 works, it’s not […]

A Love Letter to Usera

As one of Madrid's most unique barrios, Usera is striving to hold on to its unique cultural identity despite its status as an up-and-coming artistic hotspot.

This post is part of our Love Letter series: first-person accounts of what we love about Madrid. Photo Credit: r2hox, Text Overlay: Devour Madrid Food Tours By my count, I’ve lived in six different neighborhoods of Madrid. Some more central, some further away, but each with their own character. This year, though, I made a […]

Well-Kept Secrets: 5 Lesser-Known Paintings in the Prado

Stay warm while visiting Madrid in winter by checking out its wealth of world-class museums, like the Prado.

You probably know that the Prado Museum houses one of the world’s most remarkable collections of painters like Titian, Velázquez, Bosch, Rubens and Goya. But with over 7,000 paintings—not to mention hordes of sculptures, drawings and decorative arts—it’s also host to hundreds of hidden gems that you could easily miss while trying to pack in […]

Prado Museum Highlights: The Must-See Paintings

When it comes to free museums in Madrid, you can't beat the Prado, which offers free entry for two hours every afternoon.

If there’s one must-see attraction in Madrid, it has to be the Prado Museum. It’s undoubtedly one of the world’s greatest collections of art, but with over 7000 paintings, it can be hard to know where to start. For that reason, planning what you want to see in advance is key. So with that in […]