The Complete Guide to Grocery Stores in Madrid

Shelf stocked with various food products at a small shop in Spain

As the capital of one of the healthiest countries in the world, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to grocery stores in Madrid. There are supermarkets, indoor and outdoor markets, fishmongers, charcuteries, butchers, bakeries, and delis everywhere. You can find everything you want just by stepping outside your front door and going for a […]

8 Michelin Star Restaurants in Madrid You Can’t Miss

Modern presentation of a meat, vegetable, and nut dish served in a small portion on a white plate

If you’re looking for the best Michelin star restaurants in Madrid, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s where to go for a star-studded dining experience you won’t soon forget. What does a tire company know about good food? A lot, apparently—Michelin provides the world with some of the best restaurant recommendations. Those clever French […]

Madrid in April: Best Things to See & Do

White building on a clear day with a neon advertising sign for sherry wine atop the roof.

Not too hot, not too cold, and action packed—that’s Madrid in April for you. You’ve arrived in Madrid at one of the best times of the year. The weather can be chilly or warm, but never freezing or scorching—it’s just right. What’s more, you also won’t have to push your way through massive crowds. It’s […]