How To Make The Most Of Winter in Madrid

Winter in Madrid is magical. Just look at those holiday lights!

This blog post was originally posted on November 7, 2013 and was updated on October 25, 2018. Forget the mental image you may have of warm, summer days in Spain—it’s time to embrace the holiday spirit and winter festivities! Yes, you’ll need a winter coat, but no worries—temperatures here are quite mild compared to northern Europe, […]

Guide to Eating Vegetarian & Vegan in Madrid

If you're looking for a vegan place to eat in Madrid, take a look at Colectiva Cafe. We included it in our vegan and vegetarian guide to Madrid because the food is amazing!

Fear not: Spain may love its meat, but eating vegetarian or vegan in Madrid is surprisingly easy. The trick lies in knowing where to go and what to order! At first glance, Spain may not seem like the most herbivore-friendly of destinations. With giant legs of ham hanging from the ceilings of traditional bars, and […]

Breakfast in Madrid: 10 Can’t-Miss Spots

Toasted bread with fresh pureed tomato

We take our breakfast seriously here in Spain, and to really immerse yourself in local life, you should do the same. Join us at these spots for breakfast in Madrid to start your morning off right! Breakfast is so important here in Spain that on many days, we eat it twice. First up is a […]

6 Best Seafood Restaurants in Madrid

Clams in a red sauce on a white plate

From rustic traditional tapas to avant-garde molecular gastronomy and everything in between, Madrid has it all when it comes to cuisine. But surprisingly, one of the things that our landlocked city does best is seafood. Coastal regions of Spain like Galicia, Asturias and Andalusia are home to some of the best fish and seafood in […]

Madrid in One Day: Your 24-Hour Itinerary

A busy pedestrian street in downtown Madrid, Spain.

With so many tapas to taste, museums to visit, and wonders to see, choosing what to do with your time in Madrid can be overwhelming, to say the least! And if you only have one day to explore, you’ll want to make the absolute most of your time. Madrid is a city that requires a lot […]

Shopping in Madrid: The Complete Guide

Interior of a clothing boutique with racks of clothes and decor on the walls

There are countless options for shopping in Madrid, no matter what your style and budget may be. Read on to discover where to find quirky bohemian boutiques, glamorous luxury brands, and everything in between! When you think of fashion capitals, cities such as Milan, Paris, and New York probably come to mind first. But don’t count […]

The Best Books About Spain to Read Before Your Trip

Stack of eight books

For the dreamers among us, there are few things better than being transported to another land via the page. And what better image to get lost in than the fiery passion of Andalusia or the palpable pride and mystery of the Basque Country? If you’re looking for a way to escape to Spain, start with […]