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Best Tour for Kids in Madrid: A Food Tour!

Curious little travelers will be charmed by all of the yummy food and juicy history on our Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour, and will love the interactive activities during our Madrid for Kids Walking Tour– the best tours for kids in Madrid!

When traveling with kids finding activities to do as a family can be difficult– luckily, we have two excellent, kid-tested and parents approved tours!

The Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour is a wonderful morning activity with an easy pace and plenty of kid-friendly Spanish food! While exploring the side streets and family-run businesses in the Huertas neighborhood, the young (and young at heart) will discover Spanish favorites like olives, cheese, and ham. And to top it off, there’s even chocolate for breakfast– what could be better?

If the 3.5 hours is too long, or if you’d prefer to tour Madrid’s historic center and not focus so much on the food, we’d recommend our newest Madrid for Kids Walking Tour— 2.5 hours of interactive stories, history, and activities for your family. And of course, there’s food too– kids get to make their own Spanish sandwiches at a family-run deli (while parents sip wine and taste the best cured ham in the world) and of course, there’s a stop for the best churros and chocolate in Madrid! This is a private tour, so it goes at your kids’ pace.

Here are five reasons why our Madrid kids tours and family tours are the best tours for kids in Madrid!

Are you planning to visit Madrid with the whole family? Curious little travelers will be charmed by all of the yummy food and juicy history on our Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market tour-- the best tour for kids in Madrid! While exploring the side streets and family-run businesses in the Huertas neighborhood, the young (and young at heart) will discover Spanish favorites like olives, cheese, and ham. And to top it off, there's even chocolate for breakfast-- what could be better?

1. Chocolate for breakfast

At the first stop, watch as your kids’ eyes grow big as saucers when they see thick hot chocolate and crispy porras (like churros only thicker) appear for breakfast! This traditional Spanish combination is a local favorite for young and old alike. And it’s not just an indulgent treat, you’ll learn all about chocolate’s 16th-century transatlantic journey, storied past and delicious place in modern Spanish life.

2. Kids can explore typical Madrid neighborhoods filled with hidden legends

The Huertas neighborhood with its pastel buildings, narrow streets and wrought iron balconies, is a feast for the senses. And with all of the fun historical tidbits woven into the narrative of the tour, kids will feel connected with this lovely area. While their parents learn all about the neighborhood’s most famous former resident, writer Miguel de Cervantes, kids can jump and play on the quiet, safe streets! If taking our Madrid for Kids Walking tour, you’ll be focused on historic Madrid– including prices and princesses, knights, sailors, pirates and more.

3.  A ham and cheese tasting

For the timidest to the boldest palates, Spanish cheeses offer something for everyone. At the Hidden Madrid tour’s cheese tasting stop, kids can try something new and discover Spain’s diverse cheese making tradition. The flavors and origins of these amazing cheeses come alive with stories about generations of shepherds making cheeses high in the mountains of northern of Spain or finding just the right moment to milk the cows for making the creamiest cheese! On our Madrid for Kids Walking Tour kids will get to taste cheeses and hams– and use them to make their own bocadillos the traditional Spansh sandwiches that Spanish kids eat for a snack!

The best tour for kids in Madrid involves delicious Spanish cheeses an cured meats.
Broaden your horizons with an amazing selection of Spanish cheeses and cured meats!

4. Kids get to eat their way through a neighborhood market

Markets aren’t just for shopping! On the market portion of the Hidden Madrid tour, visitors taste the most amazing Spanish olives, top quality cured meats and other surprises all served up by passionate local vendors. Curious minds will learn all about an olive’s journey from tree to table and how Spain’s incredible ham isn’t just for sandwiches! And with so many things to see and taste, there’s never a dull moment!

Our Madrid for Kids Walking Tour stops at the central San Miguel market for a mini scavenger hunt– lots of fun for all involved!

Looking for the best tour for kids in Madrid? Join us on one of our kid-firendly tours and experience a whole range of things, including a visit to the local market where you will see hams like this.
Mouth watering Spanish ham is just one of the yummy foods you’ll taste in the market!

5. Because our expert guides love kids!

As one of our ever-smiling tour guides Mette says, “Having kids on the tour gives the experience such a great energy and a different perspective. Some of the things that well-traveled adult have stopped noticing, or wondering about, the kids still pick up on. Kids will often be the ones to ask questions that many of the adults had been (secretly) wondering about.” For Mette, the best part is that “the kids take part just as their parents do, which makes it an equally great experience for everyone!”

Everyone love churros dipped in chocolate, and you can try some on the best tour in Madrid for kids!
Just try and keep the chocolate off your face with this delicious breakfast treat!

If this sounds like an adventure that’s right for your family, we would love to welcome you on our kid friendly tours. Our Huertas Neighborhood Food and Market Tour is a small group tour and fun for curious eaters of all ages! Our Madrid for Kids Walking Tour is a private tour, just for your family!

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