Beyond Flamenco: Traditional Spanish Music in Madrid

Love live music and beautiful auditoriums?

Madrid has spectacular theaters where you can hear opera, symphonies and more! Get inside Spain’s passionate musical tradition at these amazing venues.

The Teatro Real in the picturesque Plaza del Oriente is one of the wonderful places to see traditional Spanish music in Madrid

Photo Credit: Carmen VocesErwin Brevis

1. Teatro de la Zarzuela

The Teatro de la Zarzuela is an opulent 1896 theater, complete with an enormous twinkling chandelier and velvet seats. As the name suggests, this theatre is dedicated to zarzuela, a form of light opera unique to Spain which is known for colorful costumes and humorous story lines.

Tip: Do you want to visit this beautiful theatre but don’t feel your Spanish good enough to follow the storylines of zarzuela? Don’t worry, in addition to zarzuela,  you can also see dance performances and classical music concerts.

Address: Calle de Jovellanos, 4

Teatro Real one of the great places to hear traditional Spanish music in Madrid
The stunning Teatro Real at night. Photo Credit: Antonio Tajuelo

2. Teatro Real

Looking onto the royal palace, the Teatro Real is truly fit for kings! With beautiful box seats and several balconies, it’s the ideal place to take in an opera or catch a world-class chamber music performance.

Tip: For those who would like to learn bit more of the history or simply experience the buildings splendor, tours of the theatre are also available.

Address: Plaza Isabel II

3. Teatro Monumental

The art deco home of the national radio station’s symphony orchestra, Teatro Monumental is a wonderful place to a see a concert. It is centrally located in Barrio de la Letras (the Literary Quarter) and has orchestral and choral concerts.

Tip: We love that, at times, you can hear Spain’s great composers playing live for radio broadcasts!

Address: Calle de Atocha, 65

The Auditorio Nacional de Música on of the great places to hear traditional Spanish music in Madrid
Madrid’s modern music palace, the Auditorio Nacional de Música. Photo Credit: Francisco Anzola

4. Auditorio Nacional de Música

Completed in 1988, the Auditorio Nacional de Música is home to Spain’s national orchestra. The auditorium features a symphony hall complete with a pipe organ and a smaller chamber music space.

Tip: This really is a place for music lovers! Throughout the year you can hear first-rate performances of everything, from orchestral flamenco to Mozart.

Address: Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 146

5. Teatros del Canal

This fully modern theater complex is located just north of the city center in the lovely Chamberí neighborhood. Teatros del Canal offers a wide range of programs from classical music to cabaret and even children’s theater.

Tip: The performances at Teatros del Canal doesn’t stop at the music! For those looking for something more, there is also a beautiful dance studio where you can see ballet, flamenco and modern dance performances.

Address: Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 1

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