Where to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Madrid (And Where to Eat It, Too!)

There are so many great places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid. Pay attention to their professional slicing techniques!

If Spain had one national gastronomic treasure, it would undoubtedly be jamón ibérico. The country’s cured-to-perfection ham is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. When it comes from the pigs that are native to the Iberian peninsula, it’s even better. Of course, that probably means you’ll want to stock up! Here are our favorite places […]

Late Night Bites: Restaurants Open Late in Madrid

With its always-flowing vermouth and tasty tapas, Bodega La Ardosa is one of our favorite restaurants open late in Madrid.

Most visitors to Spain quickly become familiar with locals’ much-later mealtimes. Madrileños don’t sit down for lunch until 2 p.m. at the earliest, and don’t even think about eating dinner until at least 9 or 10! But what if you’re looking to eat even later than the standard Spanish mealtime? Here are some of our favorite […]

Drink Up: 6 Great Places to Enjoy Craft Beer in Madrid

Fábrica Maravillas is one of our favorite spots for craft beer in Madrid. We love their homemade brews!

Modern influences from all over the world mean that it’s possible to enjoy all kinds of delicious craft beer in Madrid. Long gone are the days when your only options upon entering a bar were Mahou or Mahou Sin Alcohol. While we love Madrid’s classic, historic old man bars, sometimes we’re looking to try something […]

Cheers! Where to Drink Sangria in Madrid

Sangria is to Spain what ice cold beer is to the States—quintessential! Spanish wine punch is the perfect summer drink—smooth, sweet, refreshing and boozy. While traditionally made with Spanish red wine, no two recipes are the same. Dating back to the Roman Empire, sangría was a combination of red wine and whatever alcohol and fruit was on […]

Outdoor Markets that AREN’T the Rastro!

In Spain, life happens in the street. It’s like a never-ending block party. Nowhere is this truer than in Madrid. You can’t visit the Spanish capital and not notice that there’s a buzz in the air—it’s electric! Madrileños fill the streets at all hours of the day; shouting, laughing, drinking and of course, shopping. There’s […]

Where to Eat the Best Cocido Madrileño in Madrid

La Bola is home to our favorite cocido madrileño in Madrid. Join us on our Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour to see how it's made (and try it, of course)!

Rustic, hearty and filling, Madrid’s most emblematic dish is a must-try whenever you’re in the city. However, it’s probably best to eat cocido madrileño in Madrid after you’ve worked up quite an appetite! This delicious local stew is a two-course meal in itself. Traditionally, the broth of the cocido is served first, sprinkled with delicate angel-hair noodles. Then, it’s […]

Where to Eat Near Plaza Mayor: Our Top 7!

Plaza Mayor is one of the most visited spots in Madrid and for good reason. Plaza Mayor is a central plaza in the city, and it is the perfect place to marvel at Spain’s history, people watch and take pictures with friends or family.  Some people think that the food in this area is reserved […]