Where to Stay in Madrid: Neighborhood Guide & Top Hotel Picks

Due to its massive size, figuring out where to stay in Madrid can be overwhelming—especially for first-time visitors. Luckily, most guests are pleasantly surprised when they arrive. It’s so easy to get around town! However, a solid home base is essential for a successful trip. For that reason, Madrid’s amazing diversity means there’s a perfect barrio for […]

7 Days in Madrid: One Incredible Week in Spain’s Capital

Our Rastro tour & tapas crawl is a great way to knock two essential experiences off your list during your 7 days in Madrid!

Spend a perfect week in and around Madrid! As Spain’s capital and largest city, Madrid offers a lifetime’s worth of things to see, do and experience. However, if you’re just passing through, we think 7 days in Madrid is perfect for getting to know the city. You’ll be able to see all the iconic tourist […]

Broken Eggs: Where to Eat Huevos Rotos in Madrid!

You can't come to Madrid without trying this Spanish specialty. Here are the 5 best huevos rotos in Madrid/

Huevos rotos are a staple of the Madrid food scene—they’re that good. But not all huevos rotos are created equally! Luckily, we’ve done the taste testing for you, answering that all-important question—where to eat huevos rotos in Madrid! Translating to “broken eggs,” this typical Spanish dish is made by frying eggs in a healthy dose of […]

How to Spend an Unforgettable 3 Days in Madrid

Renting a boat in Retiro Park is one of our favorite activities in Madrid for kids!

You could spend a lifetime discovering the hidden sights, tastes and experiences of Madrid. However, if you only have 3 days in Spain’s beautiful capital, that’s plenty of time to get a feel for the city. You’ll be able to experience the most important tourist attractions and even get off the beaten path to some […]

7 Incredible Spots to Catch the Sunset in Madrid

As evening blankets the city, Madrid takes on a special kind of magic. With the sunset in Madrid comes a carefree leaving-behind of the busy day. In its place comes an atmosphere of fun and festivities. Terraces and outdoor hangouts all around the capital fill to capacity every evening as locals sip drinks and chat […]

5 Underrated Wines to Order in Madrid

One of our favorite wines to order in Madrid is classic white Verdejo!

Everyone loves Ribera and Rioja, but step outside the box next time you’re ordering wine! We love the classics, but sometimes it’s good to try something new. Luckily, that’s easy considering the area surrounding Madrid is home to some seriously incredible wine! While not as well-known as some of the big name vintages, it’s just […]

Drink Up at Our 8 Favorite Wine Bars in Madrid

Drinking a glass of wine (or several) in Chueca is essential during your 7 days in Madrid!

Spain is home to some of the best wine in the world, and there’s no better place than Madrid to try it. Whether you prefer Ribera, Rioja or anything in between, you’ll be able to find your vino of choice in Spain’s capital. Sipping on wine with the locals is an essential Madrid experience, but where exactly […]

Where to Eat in Madrid on Mondays: 7 Delicious Options

Head to Sala de Despiece if you're wondering where to eat in Madrid on Mondays for a more unique experience!

Despite being the buzzing capital of one of Europe’s most vibrant destinations, the pace of life in Madrid slows down a bit on Mondays. After the busy weekend, the pace of life returns to normal as madrileños head back to work and school. Many of the city’s main attractions close up shop on Monday, as do some […]

Five Free Things to Do in Madrid

A visit to El Rastro is a free activity to do on a Sunday in Madrid.

Trying to save money but still want to enjoy all that Madrid has to offer? Well, you’re in luck! Madrid is one of the most affordable cities in Europe. Better yet, this lively capital city is filled with free things to do. So put away your wallet, and set off to explore these five free […]