Best Bets for Specialty Coffee in Madrid!

A few years ago, it was nearly impossible to find specialty coffee in Madrid! The city’s coffee culture didn’t go much further beyond the typical Spanish solo.

That’s an espresso extraction left running until the cup is full… yeah, it’s enough to make you consider switching to tea. These days though, Madrid’s coffee renaissance is in full swing thanks to a small group of entrepreneurial coffee connoisseurs. They’re from all over the globe but happily call Madrid home! Thanks to them, it doesn’t matter what corner of the city you find yourself in, a caffeine fix is always close at hand.

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La Colectiva Café

If you’re in the Chamberí neighborhood, then welcome to the epicenter of Madrid’s coffee scene! This mainly residential community has become the hub of the specialty coffee movement in the capital. Locals particularly love La Colectiva Café, run by childhood friends from Buenos Aires, Juan and Pablo. Together they decided that what their adoptive city really needed was a calm, relaxing space where one could sit, read, chat or work, all while having a hot cup of great coffee. In 2017 they found their dream location and turned it into a communal work space and coffee shop. Their main coffee supplier is Valladolid-based roasters Puchero. They also have incredible horchata, a vegan lunch menu (which changes daily) and seasonal homemade desserts that are absolutely to-die-for.

Address: Calle Francisco de Rojas, 9

When it comes to specialty coffee in Madrid, la Colectiva Café is a definite must! It's the perfect place if you want to spend your vacations unwinding.
Unwind with a cup of coffee at La Colectiva Café! Photo credit: Michelle Thomas for La Colectiva Café

Plántate Café

Another expat who’s had an impact on Madrid’s specialty coffee scene is Kevin, the owner of Plántate Café. Originally from Canada, Kevin moved to Lavapiés in 2008 and would commute daily all the way to Malasaña just to find a good cup of coffee in Madrid. Finally, enough was enough and Plántate Café was born. What started as a side project soon became a full-time job. Kevin and Plántate’s baristas trained with the top roasters at London’s Square Mile. The Square Mile is, in fact, one of the three roasters that they get their house espresso beans. At Plántate the coffee is always excellent and they even sell plants like cacti and orchids to liven up the environment. The shop’s name is a play on words, plántate, meaning to stick around for a while and planta meaning, you guessed it, plants.

Address: Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 28

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We love the ambience at Plántate Café almost as much as we love the coffee! Photo credit: Plántate Café

Waycup Specialty Coffee

At the opposite end of Madrid in Barrio Salamanca, Waycup Specialty Coffee is making a name for itself. Ukrainian brothers Pavlo and Rus started with just a small coffee kiosk next to the Nuevos Ministerios train station. They’ve continued to expand and now own two to-go coffee shops in one of Madrid’s most popular neighborhoods. At Waycup, the coffee comes from Café de Finca, the most famous micro-roasters in Barcelona, with whom Pavlo and Rus work closely. For them, it’s all about being part of the process—from the plantation to the cup—to ensure a perfect cup of coffee. And what would a cup of coffee be without a little something sweet? Mornings at Waycup are made better with a freshly baked cookie: red velvet, matcha or peanut butter?

Address: Calle de Juan Bravo, 27


In La Latina, right at the start of the Rastro flea market, you’ll find some of the best coffee in Madrid at Boconó. Owner Carlos of Venezuela and his son have made this place feel like exactly what it is: a cozy, family-run coffee shop. It’s an intimate space with comfy couches, friendly baristas and art exhibitions by local artists. Boconó is unique in that it has a special license to train baristas, so each cup of coffee comes with its own unique foam design. The place is as cute and homey as it sounds and is child- and pet-friendly.

Address: Calle de Embajadores, 3

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What better way to start your day in Madrid than with a delicious cup of coffee?

Bianchi Kiosko Caffé

A new contender for the title of best specialty coffee in Madrid is Bianchi Kiosko Caffé. Located in Malasaña, this modern coffee shop is run by Italian DJ and Madrid transplant Sandro Bianchi. Half the fun of this local favorite is its charismatic owner—a real character, in the very best sense of the word. The other half is the coffee. At Bianchi, they’re big believers in the third wave coffee movement, including the importance of the experience. And that’s exactly what they give you! Good music, good conversation, good coffee and good eats (and all eco-friendly).

Address: Calle de San Joaquín, 9

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