The Food

Will I be full by the end of the tour?
Should I eat before the tour?
I’m pregnant. Can you adapt the tour for me?
Are drinks served on the tour?
What if I don’t drink alcohol? Will I still enjoy the tour?
I’m under 18. Can I drink alcohol on the tour?

Booking Your Tour

Should I take the tour at the beginning of my stay?
Do we just walk around and eat food?
Do I have to buy my tour tickets in advance? Can I just turn up and pay in cash?
How do I pay for the tour?
Is your booking system secure?
I’m a solo traveller. Can I book a tour too?
Are your tours suitable for kids?
What if a tour is full? Can you squeeze me in?
Is there a waiting list?
Something came up! Can I cancel or reschedule my tour?
Do you offer private tours?
Who are the guides?
I see you have food tours in more than one Spanish city. Are they all the same?


What if I’m running late for the tour?
Are bathrooms available during the tour?
Are cameras allowed on the tour?
Can I shop during the tour?
What happens if it’s raining?
Is the tour wheelchair and baby stroller accessible?
Do the tour guides expect gratuities?
What language are your tours in?