Our Expert Guides

We know that having a great guide is key to truly discovering a destination. That’s why our tours are led by passionate Spain gurus who love sharing their insider knowledge with our guests. We’ve got historians, sommeliers and art experts on the team, and each guide is a gifted storyteller.

We can’t wait for you to meet them!

Meredith Miller

Meredith grew up in North Carolina but always dreamed of traveling and living outside of the US. She studied history and Spanish in college and after visiting Madrid in 2008, realized it perfectly combined two things she loved!

Rafa Salmerón

Born and raised in Madrid, Rafa has always loved food! He learned how to cook at 8 years old by watching his grandmother prepare her secret salt cod recipe. He’s now perfected seafood paella, too!

Servet Domínguez

With degrees in flamenco guitar and contemporary art history, Servet is an expert in Madrid’s cultural scene! He loves his hometown of Madrid for how welcoming, spirited and delicious it is!

Yvonne Power

Born in Ireland, Yvonne travel led far and wide before finally settling in Madrid. She loves the vibrant Madrid food markets, live jazz music at the Sunday Rastro market and swing dancing.

Erin Oleynek

A social and cultural anthropologist from a small town in Connecticut, USA, Erin has been eating and drinking her way through Spain for the past four years.

Caitlin Kantor

After falling in love with Spain 7 years ago, Caitlin made the move from Canada to Madrid 2 years ago and has been eating jamón and olives every day to make up for lost time.

Eduardo Muñoz

Having lived in 5 countries, travelling is in Eduardo’s DNA! Now in his hometown of Madrid, Eduardo is a curious sommelier with a passion for Spain’s artesanal wines.

Margit Sperling

Her birth certificate may say Seattle but after 10 years in Spain, Margit is an honorary Spaniard!

Carolyn Mitchell

Half American and half Spanish, Carolyn is a well-travelled Hotelier with a passion for food, wine and hospitality.

Sean Retana

Born in Madrid, Sean is basically a tour guide. He designs and runs tours all over Spain and he’s not easily daunted by the vast and diverse nature of the country.

Ewan Bleiman

From a food-obsessed family in Scotland, Ewan fell in love with Spanish food, history and art four-and-a-half years ago.

Nick Drinkwater

Born in Manchester, Nick is a freelance wine educator who is working his way to be a Master of Wine.

Sanne Boortman

Sanne hails from the Netherlands and has been a professional tour guide for the past decade, sharing her passion for art, history, and food in Rome, Malaga and Madrid.

Paula Valluerca

Born in The Basque Country, Paula is an award winning comedic performer and food lover.

Arantxa Lamas

Born & raised in Madrid, Arantxa is a professional chef trained at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu cooking school. She loves exploring the markets of Madrid, and cooking delicious meals

Joy Figueroa

Joy, a New York native, visited Madrid in 2010 and loved the city so much she never left! Now she gets to spend her days showing others the city that stole her heart.

Luke Darracott

From soggy United Kingdom, Luke spends most of his time publishing articles, books, videos and podcasts about food and travel. He’s also a qualified wino and passionate wine educator.

Oliver Lucas

Originally from South Florida. Spanish and American with a touch of Venezuelan. English teacher by day, eater and food tour guide by night.

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