9 Michelin Star Restaurants in Madrid That Are Actually Worth Your Time

What does a tire company know about good food?

Apparently a lot. Michelin provides the world with some of the best restaurant recommendations.

Those clever French entrepreneurs started by supplying motorists with guides on where to get a bite to eat while on the road. Turns out these generous tips were golden, and would eventually evolve into an industry of their own. These days, travelers worldwide seek their recommendations, and restaurants covet their stars of excellence.

In the following lists of Michelin restaurants in Madrid, you can expect charming decor, seasonal ingredients, impeccable customer service, famous expert chefs, amazing wine selections and menus that read like poetry. Make sure you book in advance.

Ready for the most memorable meal of your life? At these fabulous Michelin star restaurants in Madrid, you're in store for an absolute treat.

The best restaurants in Madrid with Michelin stars

1. DiverXO | Three stars

If there’s any place that makes visual art edible, it’s DiverXO. That’s why each dish is officially called a “canvas.”

So fasten your seatbelts, widen your eyes and brace your taste buds because this a trip straight into the cutting edge of gourmet world fusion cuisine. The only restaurant in Madrid with three Michelin stars, this is modern culinary artistry pushed to its limits.

Price per person: €250

DiverXO is one of the top Michelin star restaurants in Madrid, with a whopping three stars.
Even the dining space at DiverXO is a work of art. Photo credit: DiverXO

2. DSTAgE | Two stars

Stylish and urban, this restaurant blends Japanese, Mexican and Spanish flavors into one delicious hybrid. Memorable dishes include pigeon liver wrapped in beetroot, the Pekin duck, sea urchin in citric dashi, and Japanese mochi cakes made out of huitlacoche corn.

Price per person: €135–160

DSTAgE is one of the most unique Michelin star restaurants in Madrid.
A rustic-meets-urban vibe and contemporary fusion fare help make DSTAgE a once-in-a-lifetime dining experience. Photo credit: DSTAgE

3. La Terraza del Casino | Two stars

The setting at La Terraza del Casino is as majestic as the food is flavorful. Red-carpeted palace stairways, checkered floors, luxury decor and the most stunning views in Madrid make just walking into the restaurant an experience.

The tasting menu is a collection of experimental Spanish dishes, each one an unexpected combination of tastes expertly woven together.

Price per person: €79–185

The most affordable restaurants in Madrid with Michelin stars

4. Álbora | One star  

You have two choices: bar or restaurant. At the restaurant you can choose between their long and short tasting menus. Both start with Álbora’s signature Joselito Coppa snacks: special cured Iberian pork with olive oil, flour, egg and salt.

At the bar you order a la carte. Good luck deciding from among their array of savory veggie dishes, succulent meats, juicy fish, seafood delicacies, oxtail pies and rich stews.

Price per person: €60–91

With not one, but two spectacular dining areas, Álbora is one of the most chic Michelin star restaurants in Madrid.
Álbora’s stylish space and exquisite dishes make for the meal of a lifetime. Photo credit: Álbora

5. Cebo | One star

The name of the restaurant, Cebo, means “bait;” the place lures you in and gets you hooked.

Think of Cebo as a buffet for all the splendors the Iberian peninsula has to offer. That’s why they have a special menu called “The Seventeen,” which offers a signature dish from each of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions. That’s quite the tour, but well worth it.

Price per person: €80–110

6. Clos | One star

The name is a reference to the French word for high-quality wine, because the restaurant has a wine cellar that boasts the best wine in the country.

Clos offers three different menus. To get the best deals, go there for lunch. Our personal favorites were the spider crab in pumpkin sauce, the marinated deer sirloin, hake in a spicy bird’s eye chili sauce, and quail in a boletus sauce.  

Price per person: €55–€85

Clos is one of the top Michelin star restaurants in Madrid for wine lovers.
Clos offers a stellar wine selection full of options that pair perfectly with each exquisite dish on the menu.

7. Corral de la Morería Gastronómico | One star

A famous place for flamenco shows in MadridCorral de la Morería also has a restaurant with a Michelin star on the premises, making the establishment all the more extraordinary. Before or after dinner, you can treat yourself to some good music and dancing.

The restaurant is separate from where the shows take place, and it has four tables for a maximum of eight guests, so reserve ahead of time.

Price per person: €30–74

Corral de la Morería is one of the most unique Michelin star restaurants in Madrid. Not only do they serve fabulous food like this seafood dish, but they also have excellent flamenco shows!
Semi-spicy squid tagliolini with baby squid reduction—just one of the many fabulous dishes at Corral de la Morería. Photo credit: Javier Capel for Corral de la Morería.

8. El Invernadero | One star

Here vegetables are the stars, but don’t worry—they cater to carnivores as well.

This greenhouse (invernadero) wants your taste buds to remember the true flavor of quality vegetables. The only problem is that you might never be able to eat supermarket veggies again!

The most affordable way to eat here is to get the Vegetalia lunch menu.

Price per person: €65

9. La Tasquería | One star

It’s tasca (a tavern) and casquería (offal) combined: a tavern that reveals the elegant side of offal, and takes it to the avant-garde. Eating here is a “visceral” experience—get it?

Silly jokes aside, the restaurant, as they say, also caters to the less “gutsy.” That means you can have regular meaty dishes to satiate your palate.

Price per person: €20–70  

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