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Welcome to My Madrid, a new series here on the Madrid Food Tour blog in which bloggers from Madrid and all around Spain tell us a little bit about what Madrid means to them. We love hearing about other people’s Madrid favorites, and who better to ask than a bunch of adventurous bloggers? 

Today’s post comes from Chelsea of the Spain blog Andalucía Bound

The lovely Chelsea!

Hi Chelsea! So, tell us, what is your experience with Madrid? 

I’ve been to Madrid three different times as a tourist in both winter and summer, and a bunch of times to catch flights. Most of those times I met up with people I knew there, so part of my time was spent with them and part of my time was spent wandering alone. Once I went with my best friends for a few days before heading to Amsterdam.

How was your first impression of the city?

My first impression was great! It was Christmastime so all of the beautiful lights were hung and it felt really magical. I loved how easy it was to navigate the metro, and I also liked that I knew I’d be back in a couple of weeks so I didn’t feel pressure to see and do everything. I was really able to relax and enjoy the beautiful architecture and just absorb the feeling of Madrid. I was surprised buy how clean and quiet it was compared to NYC and I really liked that.

Beautiful Madrid at Christmas time

What is one thing you wouldn’t leave Madrid without doing?

Every time I’m in Madrid I make sure to eat somewhere that has international food, even if that just means Wok to Walk. Since I’ve been living in small towns in southern Spain for the past three years, international cuisine is really hard to come by! Next time I go, I’m on the hunt for a good Mexican place.

Do you have a favorite Madrid experience?

My favorite Madrid experience was probably two summers ago when I was there with my best friend and the morning after a late night we grabbed some sandwiches and took a nap in El Retiro park. It was so sunny and beautiful and it felt great to be in a big green space, something I didn’t have in my little town.

Name your favorite Madrid meal.

The best meal I had in Madrid was probably this pad thai that I ordered at a place called Phucket (can’t forget that name), I think near Atocha. I went with a friend of mine, and we each had wine, an entree and dessert for less than 20€ each which surprised me for being in Madrid.

What would be your ideal night out in Madrid?

An ideal night out for me would be something pretty chill. I’m not one for big discotecas- super expensive drinks/covers, flashing lights and throbbing techno make me cringe. I much prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, enjoying some drinks outside maybe, being able to talk, but in a neighborhood with other bars around so we could bar hop if we wanted and maybe end up at a fun place with some dancing.

Favorite day trip from Madrid?

As for my favorite day trip from Madrid, I couldn’t say as I’ve never been there long enough to be able to take a day trip. I’d really like to visit Toledo though. I’m hoping to move to Madrid next year actually, so I’m looking forward to day tripping from there!

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  1. Ian says
    July 9, 2014 at 1:18 am

    Great blog,i`ve only been to Madrid once for three days on my way from Seville to Santander to get the ferry to UK,i loved Madrid,the people the food and had a wonderful afternoon in Retiro park,i cant wait to revisit this wonderful city.


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