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Welcome to My Madrid, a new series here on the Madrid Food Tour blog in which bloggers from Madrid and all around Spain tell us a little bit about what Madrid means to them. We love hearing about other blogger’s Madrid favorites, and who better to ask than a bunch of adventurous bloggers? 

Today we’re talking to the lovely Jessica from the fantastic blog and video series, Barcelona Blonde. Check her out on Twitter and Facebook too!

The beautiful Jess from Barcelona Blonde!

Hi Jess! So, what has your experience been like in Madrid? 

I’ve only been to Madrid for quick weekend trips, but I would love to go back soon! In total, I’ve probably spent about two weeks there and that’s definitely not enough time to see everything it has to offer.

You definitely have to hop over and let us show you around! How was your first impression? 

I really liked Madrid. I’m a city girl, and this one has everything going for it – amazing museums, pretty buildings, lively street life, gorgeous parks, great markets, and more. It’s got a great pace and vibe to it.

We totally agree! What is one thing you wouldn’t leave Madrid without doing? 

Ana Botella might think the best thing to do is have a “café con leche in the Plaza Mayor” (the Madrid highlight the city chose to promote for their Olympic bid), but I can’t believe she didn’t say the museums! Madrid has world-class museums, and because they’re all so close together it’s easy to hop from one to the next. As a bonus, entry is usually very cheap or even free depending on the day.

Do you have a favorite Madrid experience? 

I really enjoyed going to the Rastro flea market. I haven’t seen anything else quite like it, and I found some amazing Spanish leather goods there for really cheap prices. I’m also a big fan of picnics in the Retiro park. It’s so relaxing and pretty!

Searching for treasures in El Rastro market

Picnics in Retiro are the best! Now, onto the foodie stuff: name your favorite Madrid meal.

I had a really tasty fish sandwich drizzled in Spanish olive oil from a restaurant serving food out the window during El Rastro. I wish I could remember where it was from, it was such a great mix of salty and olive oil flavors.

The other great place I ate was the Mercado San Miguel, which is just packed with amazing food.

Generally, the quality of food I had in Madrid was excellent. There’s some great eating to be done!

That’s our favorite part about our city! What would be your ideal night out in Madrid?

Hmm…I love a good night out! Walking around the city center squares and feeling the buzz of Spanish nightlife is a great way to start off. My friend who lived there took me to Populart for very good live jazz music. I’ve also heard there’s a legendary 7-story club that I didn’t make it to on any of my last three trips; I wouldn’t turn down a night out there either.

Favorite day trip from Madrid?

Even though I’m no expert on Madrid day trips, I have traveled quite a bit around Spain and Segovia is one of my favorite places I’ve been. It’s a pretty little cobblestoned city with a fairytale castle (the Disney castle is said to be inspired by the Segovia one) and a Roman aqueduct that still works.

I’ve also heard great things about Toledo day trips from Madrid, but my parents had the nerve to go without me 🙂 I’m joking, although I do wish I could have gone with them.

We love strolling through Retiro as much as Jess does!

Thanks so much, Jessica! Let us know next time you’re in Madrid and we will show you all of our favorite spots!

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