Reasons to Visit The FITUR Tourism Fair

The FITUR is Spain’s biggest and most impressive travel fair and trade show – a paradise for anyone who loves to travel!

With the Madrid Fusión event also happening in the city, Madrid is the place to be for those of us bitten by the travel bug. Unlike Madrid Fusión however, FITUR opens its doors to the public on the weekend, allowing entry for anyone who wants to take a look at the amazing things the world’s many countries have to offer.

We’re impressed every year by the amazing selection of cultures and traditions on display. When else can you “visit” nearly every country in the world in one day? Not to mention that the fair will allow you to discover all sorts of nearby places in Spain that look incredible. If you didn’t already have wanderlust, watch out, you’ll catch it here!

Held annually at the end of January/start of February, entry into the fair on Saturday and Sunday is worth the price of the ticket. You’ll get ideas and motivation for your next trip from the hundreds of stands, not to mention performances, live music, and free samples and information about many countries! Check out some of the highlights from our visit to the FITUR Tourism Fair and mark the event in your diary!

Madrid's annual FITUR Tourism Fair is an amazing opportunity to experience food and culture from all over the world! Here's what we thought of the event!

Photo Credit: Rick Ligthelm

Food & Drink

Polish Tapas offered at the Poland stand at FITUR. FITUR highlights Spanish produce too – like this wine from La Rioja! The La Rioja stand also displayed some of the region’s traditional pintxos! Ecuadorian chocolates, Valencian gin tonics (with a horchata cream!) and a homemade ice cream being made at Ecuador.

Live Entertainment

Traditional dancing at the Peru stand. Lively, traditional dance from the Ecuador stand

Learning Another Culture

Typical dresses and dancers from Peru at FITUR. More typical costumes from countries all over the world.

FITUR is open to the public all day on Saturday and Sunday and we would definitely recommend checking it out. The event gives a great insight into the food and culture of so many countries from all over the world and had us brimming with ideas for our next travel adventure – this is not to be missed!

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