Spain for Everyone: Our Guides Weigh In

If our guides know one thing, it’s Spain. If they know two things, it’s how to devour the entire world!

While they’re not taking curious travelers to their favorite bars and markets, these guys are out seeing the world. They’re expert travelers, and they know what’s important to them when planning a trip.

We recently released an eight-part Spain for Everyone blog series, highlighting different kinds of travelers, and everything they should do while in Spain. Below, our guides tell us what kind of traveler they are, and how that influences the way they travel.

Devour Tours guide Servet gets ready to meet his guests before a Tapas & Flamenco Tour

Sophie Picard, Devour Seville

Solo traveler! This means I can plan my trip as much (or as little) as I like, stop and take too many photos, go where my gut takes me, and of course, there’s always coffee, wine, and food involved, but it just means more for me!

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Ania Wielechowska, Devour San Sebastian

I’d be between foodie and responsible traveler if there is such an option. Getting to know the culture through their cuisine and being respectful to the locals is my aim.

Devour Tours guide Ania in San Sebastian explaining the difference between dried pork loin and chorizo
Ania’s passion about Spain is contagious—especially once you try the chorizo!

Enrique Rossi Fernandez, Devour Barcelona

Definitely FOODIE (even if I hate that word)! Food is the only way to get to know another culture in few days!

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Joy Figueroa, Devour Madrid

Foodie traveler here! I spend weeks (months, years…) saving recommendations and suggestions onto the Google map of the place I’m interested in. Then once I’m there I have lots of good options and don’t have to plan every meal of every day so strictly, but be able to play it a little more by ear as we go. It’s also helpful to see what bars/restaurants are close to the attractions and sites you plan to visit so you can schedule your meals accordingly!

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Devour Tours guides Luke and Joy on our Tapas, Taverns & History Tour in Madrid
Joy and Luke—just a couple of our favorite people!

Kat Affleck, Devour Barcelona

I’d say art and culture. We often find a good bookstore cafe as a starting point and usually come across pretty interesting neighborhoods, people and events that way.

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Fintan Kerr, Devour Barcelona

My planning is usually based around wine regions, researching the bodegas and ensuring I have visits that allow me to speak to wine-makers and viticulturists rather than cookie-cutter experiences. I also spend an unhealthy amount of time looking for restaurants with older vintages of local wines, so that I can see how they’ll look in 5-20 years time. If possible, I also make sure I have appropriate packaging to bring back my favourite wines with me, particularly if they’re cheaper ex-cellar or hard to find elsewhere.

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Devour Tours guide Fintan is the definition of a wine expert
Cheers—to Fintan’s limitless wine knowledge!

Nuria Mejias, Devour Barcelona

I like traveling alone or with one other person (partner or friend), I’ve had amazing experiences being two! I like to spend more money on food than visiting museums, etc. I agree that food is a perfect way to get to know the culture, because it is the food, the place and the people all together that make your experience.

Luke Darracott, Devour Madrid

Very much wine lover/foodie. I start off every trip by researching the prettiest villages I can find and then try to deep dive into local gastronomic specialities and the best eateries to get them—the older and more rustic the better. Then hunt for local wine(s) (bars) and wineries I want to visit and usually hire a car.

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Devour Tours Luke is our go-to wine expert in Madrid
Find someone who looks at you the way Luke looks at wine

Arantxa Lamas, Devour Madrid

Food traveller here who happens to be married to a wine traveller so we complement each other. I tend to visit not only restaurants but also markets, food factories, cooking books and anything related to the domestic culture of a place. To fill the gaps between meals I love to visit museums (any type) and bookstores.

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Miranda Bild, Devour Seville

I like to get under the skin of culture and I like doing that through food and music. For me, it’s a simple and effective way to see the history of a place, which peoples have lived there, for how long, etc. Food (or at least ways of cooking) and music are the two things that people tend to bring with them when they travel and hold onto, no matter what else happens to them, so I think that’s the quickest way in to understanding a place.

Devour Tours guide Miranda on our Tapas Like a Local Tour in Triana
Miranda’s passion for a tapas crawl through Triana is almost infectious.

Carolyn Mitchell, Devour Madrid

Responsible traveler over here! Especially after studying Ecotourism and acknowledging how important it is to support the local community. Learning about the destination before you arrive is key and if you can learn a few words of the local language even better!

Rafa Salmerón López, Devour Madrid

For me it is always the same. Researching before travelling about local food and beverage (and culture), habits and daily life schedule. I like travelling with some previous knowledge but always open to try new things and get surprised. Learning some key words about food, wine and beer previously is a must for me. Visiting local markets as well. And walking around in a new place is the first thing to do (on my way to a cool and authentic bar).

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Antonia Morillas, Devour Granada

Traveling is for me an adventure and a way to discover new cultures and people. I do identify with a mix of the different kinds of travelers. Imposible for me to be focus in just one or two. My choices about where to travel or why really depend on making a good cocktail of all of them, including nature, like national parks. It means that the most important thing for me is to find diversity wherever I travel.

Devour Tours guide Owen enjoys a moment during our Tastes & Traditions of Barcelona Food Tour
Barcelona Operations Manager Owen with a great group in the Santa Caterina Market

What kind of traveler are you? Tell us in the comments!

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