Combat the Cold Weather: 5 Spanish Meals to Try this Winter

Have a case of winter blues? Luckily, Spain has a whole host of delicious cold weather dishes – ultimate comfort food!

Cheer yourself up with a hearty dish from our list of Spanish meals to try this winter! From the classic dish of lentejas, to the lesser known sopa de ajo, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit your tastes.

Warm yourself up with any of these 5 Spanish meals to try this winter. Some are regional, others are national favourites, either way you'll enjoy them all.

Photo Credit: G M and Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez

1. Fabada Asturiana

For a taste of north-western Spain, indulge in a bowl of fabada Asturiana, a stew made of white beans, morcilla (blood sausage), chorizo and pork shoulder. Though it originates from the autonomous community of Asturias, this dish has become a national favourite and can be bought ready-made at most supermarkets. For an extra dash of Asturian flavour, enjoy your fabada with a cold glass of Asturian cider.

This fabada Asturiana, served in a traditional clay pot, is the ultimate cold weather tapa and a Spanish meal you must try this winter
A typical Fabada Asturiana – so delicious! Photo Credit: Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez

2. Cocido Madrileño

If you have a large appetite, your best bet is a cocido Madrileño. As the name implies, cocido Madrileño originated in the capital, and is a dish you must try while in Madrid. This delicious stew’s main ingredients include garbanzo beans, potatoes, chorizo, beef shank and pork belly. The stew’s flavors can be further enhanced with carrots, cabbage and morcilla.

This cocido, served with chick peas, morcillo, chorizo and cabbage, it definitely one of our favorite Spanish meals to try this winter
Traditional cocido Madrileno, a scrumptious winter tapa in Madrid

Once everything has been cooked, the broth is separated from the rest of the ingredients and is used to make a Vermicelli  soup. This soup is served as the first course, followed by a main course composed of the other ingredients.

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3. Sopa de Ajo

Sopa de ajo is traditionally eaten in Palencia, a city in the province of Castile and León. In English it means ‘garlic soup’ so it’s no surprise that a key ingredient is garlic. What is surprising is the other key ingredient: bread! After the bread has been cut into chunks, it is served soaking in a broth of paprika and garlic and topped with a poached egg.

Sopa de ajo is one of many Spanish Dishes to Try this Winter, its distinctive orange color and striking garlic taste make for a sensory explosion!
Sopa de ajo served in a traditional clay bowl – perfection! Photo Credit: G M

4. Caldo Gallego

We’re heading back up north again, but this time to the luscious province of Galicia. Here, locals fight the cold weather with a satisfying bowl of caldo Gallego. This savory soup includes bacon, white beans, potatoes, chorizo and cabbage. If you find yourself doing the Camino de Santiago during the winter months, order a large serving of caldo Gallego to warm yourself up after your long journey.

5. Sopa de Lentejas

Another legume-based dish, the simple but classic sopa de lentejas (lentil soup) is a well-loved household staple. This deliciously nutritious dish is easy to make using lentils, carrots, onions, potatoes, chorizo and some smoked paprika. Not in the mood to cook? Head over to a traditional Spanish tavern for lunch, chances are it’s on the menu.

Sopa de Lentejas, with a side of deliciously crispy fresh bread for dipping, is another one of our favorite Spanish Dishes to Try this Winter
The ultimate winter dish – lentejas! Traditional and super tasty! Photo Credit: Doronko
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