Outdoor Markets that AREN’T the Rastro!

In Spain, life happens in the street. It’s like a never-ending block party. Nowhere is this truer than in Madrid. You can’t visit the Spanish capital and not notice that there’s a buzz in the air—it’s electric! Madrileños fill the streets at all hours of the day; shouting, laughing, drinking and of course, shopping. There’s […]

6 Ways to Enjoy Madrid on Sundays

Visiting Madrid on Sundays is a great opportunity to try some new (and maybe slightly strange) local delicacies!

Sunday is one of the best days to enjoy all that Madrid has to offer. Sure, you might not get any errands done, but that’s what weekdays are for! Weekends, and especially Sundays, are for enjoying life as only a madrileño knows how. In fact, Madrid on Sundays might just be the city at its best! Here […]

5 Bizarre Buys from El Rastro Market in Madrid

El Rastro flee market is a must see place in Madrid, especially on Sundays!

This blog post was originally posted on August 5, 2015 and was updated on October 10, 2017. From undies to Star Wars, the Rastro never disappoints! El Rastro Flea Market is one of the most popular and largest open-air markets in Spain. In the sea of stalls and people, you can grab some fantastic bargains […]