Broken Eggs: Where to Eat Huevos Rotos in Madrid!

You can't come to Madrid without trying this Spanish specialty. Here are the 5 best huevos rotos in Madrid/

Huevos rotos are a staple of the Madrid food scene—they’re that good. But not all huevos rotos are created equally! Luckily, we’ve done the taste testing for you, answering that all-important question—where to eat huevos rotos in Madrid! Translating to “broken eggs,” this typical Spanish dish is made by frying eggs in a healthy dose of […]

Gastrofestival Ready to Spice up Madrid

Food lovers visiting Madrid this month are in luck. Whether you planned it this way or not, you’ve arrived just in time for Madrid’s annual Gastrofestival, the biggest food event in the city. In collaboration with Madrid Fusión, the city’s prestigious international gastronomy summit (which Madrid Food Tour will be covering this year!), Gastrofestival presents the […]