Seven Bizarre Foods You Can Find in Madrid

This big bowl of snails is a typical sight you'll come across in restaurants in Madrid. It's one of the less bizarre foods in the city, but it's still unusual to some!

This blog post was originally posted on August 29, 2014, and was updated on December 14, 2017.  We absolutely adore the food in Madrid, but even we have to admit that some typical Spanish dishes here are a little bit out of the ordinary! Madrid is famous for its casquería (offal and organ meats) and locals are […]

What Is Carrillada?

Beef Cheek

Carrillada: Heaven on a Plate Carrillada de Ternera = Braised beef cheeks Carrillada Ibérica or Carrillada de Cerdo = Braised pork cheeks Whether beef cheeks or Iberian pork cheeks, carrillada is a star of Spanish cuisine. The relatively lean, moist cut of meat that comes from the (you guessed it) cheek of the animal is […]

What Is A Spanish Omelette?

Tortilla Española

Spanish Omelette: When A Tortilla Has Nothing To Do With A Burrito La Tortilla Española, also known simply as tortilla or, in English, as Spanish Omelette is another staple in the kitchen of any Spanish home cook. Each household has their favorite recipe; some prefer their tortilla runny, while others like it cooked through. Spaniards […]

What Is Mahon Cheese?

Spanish Cheese

A Look At Spanish Cheeses: Mahon Cheese Mahon cheese is one of Spain’s many excellent cheeses. It is produced on the island of Menorca, one of Spain’s Balearic Islands located in the Mediterranean Sea. Menorca has become known for its cheese making traditions, with its Mahon cheese as one of its key exports and most […]

What Is Salmorejo?


Salmorejo: Spain’s Refreshing & Hearty Cold Soup Salmorejo is a cold soup with a tomato base– much like the ever popular gazpacho. What makes salmorejo different than gazpacho (Spain’s other cold soup) is the addition of quite a bit of stale bread, hard boiled egg, and diced serrano ham served on top. Gazpacho blends many […]