Top 20 Must-Try Typical Foods In Madrid

Grilled mushrooms stuffed with chorizo, garlic, and parsley with a glass of red wine on the side

This blog post was originally posted on January 14, 2014 and was updated on November 27, 2020. Madrid is home to food from every region of Spain and much of the rest of the world—but we can’t forget about the home-grown classics. Spain’s capital city is a melting pot of typical food from every region […]

Our Top 10 Picks for Tapas in Madrid

Taberna El Zorzal is home to some of the best lunch in Madrid (we love their croquetas!).

A night out on the town for tapas is one of the most fun ways to eat like a local! But what exactly should you order? Even if you’ve studied Spanish, you might not recognize some of the things on the menu in many tapas bars across Madrid. Luckily, if you’re at an authentic place, […]