58 Small Businesses in Madrid You Can Support Right Now

Alfonso making churros at Chocolat cafe in Madrid

2020 has changed Madrid in unimaginable ways. Our co-founder James noticed an interesting, if sad, phenomenon upon heading out into central Madrid to film a recent video. Some of the most iconic parts of the city that are normally bustling with life—Puerta del Sol and Plaza Mayor among them—are eerily empty these days. The reason? […]

Sip Southern Spain at These 5 Essential Sherry Bars in Madrid

Three different varieties of sherry wine

Amongst wine connoisseurs, craft cocktail drinkers, and just the curious wine drinkers, a great deal of interest in sherry wines has been generated in recent years throughout Europe and North America alike.  It’s no wonder that so many curious travelers are looking to satiate their interest and drink sherry while on vacation in Spain. And […]

Spain for Everyone: The Wine Lover’s Guide to Spain

Top tip in our guide to Spanish wine: head to Madrid and discover amazing wine bars!

This post is a part of our Spain for Everyone series. The information below was curated by our expert guides across the country. They are wine lovers too, and this is their bucket list for you! Here in Spain, we’ve always been all about the wine! It’s true that beer is making a comeback, but […]

Where to Eat Near Only You Atocha in Madrid

Just steps away from Atocha railway station yet steeped in modern elegance, the Only You hotel is the perfect home base for your time in Madrid. The historic building that houses the hotel has been tastefully renovated to reflect contemporary aesthetics while still remaining true to Madrid’s traditional roots. The bright rooms and friendly, welcoming […]

Drink Up at Our 8 Favorite Wine Bars in Madrid

Drinking a glass of wine (or several) in Chueca is essential during your 7 days in Madrid!

Spain is home to some of the best wine in the world, and there’s no better place than Madrid to try it. Whether you prefer Ribera, Rioja or anything in between, you’ll be able to find your vino of choice in Spain’s capital. Sipping on wine with the locals is an essential Madrid experience, but where exactly […]