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The Full Drinks Experience

Enhance your drinks experience on our Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour for €10 per person more

Great food is made even better with the perfect drink pairing, which is why we have introduced our Full Drinks Experience to give you the choice to taste even more local beverages on tour. In addition to the drinks already included, select this add on to elevate your experience with three additional favorites. This package includes:

– A glass of 12 year aged amontillado sherry wine, one of Spain’s best-kept secrets from Jerez, the oldest winemaking region in Spain.

– A caña of Mahou, Madrid’s most loved local beer to pair with Madrid’s favorite street food that you will try on the tour.

– A shot of madroño liquor, made from the madroño berries that grow on trees throughout the city.

Go back to the Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour and add the Full Drinks Experience at the checkout while booking.

* Please note that this is available for guests aged 18+ only. In the case that a guest becomes inebriated, Devour Tours reserves the right to replace the drink for a non-alcoholic substitute.