Tapas, Taverns & History Tour
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Madrid’s tapas scene is famous, and famously confusing. They say there are more tapas bars than trees in Madrid, but how do you spot the good ones?

Join us to discover four of the best tapas bars in the city center while you learn the tricks of the trade of doing tapas like a local in Madrid!

Along the way you’ll discover the fascinating history of this ancient city in the grand plazas and mystery-filled streets where it all happened! With hundreds of rave 5-star Trip Advisor reviews, this is the top-rated tapas tour in Madrid!

Your evening will begin in true local style with award-winning Joselito acorn-fed Iberian ham (running upwards of €900 a leg and regarded by experts the best jamón in the country) paired with cool Spanish vermouth served on tap. You’ll taste sizzling garlic prawns from the century-old tapas bar credited with inventing the dish, dive into hidden taverns serving delicious and unique house specialties and sit down to hot-off-the-grill plates from the bustling bar that famous chef and bizarre foods lover Andrew Zimmern loved (when he visited with one of our guides no less!). Of course, you’ll wash the tapas down with excellent Spanish wine, vermouth and other drinks.

But great food and wine are just the start. On this 2-in-1 tapas and history tour, we’ll fill your mind as well as your belly. Between taverns your guide will lead you past the Spanish capital’s most emblematic sites and its hidden historic corners. From the city’s Moorish beginnings, through the Spanish inquisition to the Spanish civil war – you’ll walk through Madrid’s fascinating history and get a true understanding of the incredible events that shaped this city.

As with all Devour Madrid food tours, you’ll get a copy of our Devouring Madrid mini-guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay! Join us to experience the city’s amazing tapas, incredible wine, culture, sights and history. It’s the best way to understand and appreciate all that Madrid has to offer!

Book your spots now (tickets sell out quickly) and eat with us on Madrid’s #1 tapas tour.

Evening Tapas & Wine Tasting Tour
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Join us for a mouth-watering evening of Madrid’s most delicious tapas and Spain’s incredible wines across four of the capital’s best tucked-away, family-run tapas bars! Cool draft vermouth, freshly-sliced jamón paired with sparkling cava and hot-off-the-grill tapas washed down with full-bodied reds – you’ll taste it all, learn a lot and be led by a passionate English-speaking expert wine guide on this 3-hour Madrid tapas and wine tasting tour!

The evening begins in true Madrid style – surrounded by locals in an historic, atmospheric tavern sipping vermouth and nibbling on tapas. Your guide will let you in on the secret of this local aperitif tradition and give you essential tips for doing tapas like a local. Next, you’ll be whisked off to a hidden family-run deli and tapas bar where Spain’s greatest delicacy – yes, jamón! – will be sliced before your eyes by a master carver. As the slices of acorn-fed black-hoof jamón melt on your tongue you’ll wash it back with (and learn all about) the perfect pairing – sparkling Spanish cava.

But the night is young! Next you’ll sip white and rosé wine and taste the house specialties at a gorgeous 19th century tavern run by a mother and her two sons. And finally you’ll head to another iconic tavern run by a family who makes their own wine. Over plates of sizzling prawns and juicy grilled tapas your guide will lead a fun and informative tasting of the family’s three red wines. You’ll discover Spain’s most famous grape, decode the complex system of Spanish wine labeling and learn what makes Spain (the world’s largest vineyard!) the sleeping giant of the wine world. And of course, you’ll finish up your experience with something sinfully sweet.

As with all Devour Madrid food tours, you’ll be led by one of our small team of expert, passionate English-speaking guides. And you’ll get a copy of our Devouring Madrid guide, which is packed with all of our favorite places to eat and drink in the city. Plus, exclusive to this tour, you’ll also get our Madrid Wine Guide, which will ensure the great wine flows freely for the rest of your stay.

Evening Tapas & Flamenco Tour
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Join us for a delicious and dramatic evening of Madrid’s best tapas and flamenco! On our four-hour Madrid Tapas and Flamenco Tour you’ll discover why Madrid is called the Capital of Flamenco (hint: this is where the great performers come to make their name!) and taste why the Spanish capital is famous for its incredible tapas bars.

Too many visitors to Spain watch a flamenco show without really knowing what it’s all about. Or eat tapas without knowing where to go, or how to do it like a local. By taking this tour, you’ll gain a new-found knowledge, appreciation and love of both!

Your expert guide will meet you in one of Madrid’s most beautiful neighborhoods – the Literary Quarter – and whisk you off to two gorgeous family-run tapas bars. Over glasses of great local wine, some of the country’s best cured ham, cheese and other tapas, your guide will give you a crash course in tapas-hopping Madrid-style as well as a fascinating introduction to the age-old and mysterious story of flamenco. All your questions will be answered – where was this unique art form born, what are they singing about, how does flamenco fit into Spanish culture today… Then, armed with all that knowledge, your guide will lead you to Madrid’s famous flamenco venue Cardamomo where you’ll settle in with a drink and soak up the power, drama and spectacle of world-class flamenco singers, dancers and guitar players.

As the music settles, the evening continues, and you’ll head to a tucked-away tavern where you’ll sit down to a hearty dinner of hot-off-the-grill tapas and glasses of wine from the tavern’s own vineyard. Plus, of course, something sweet (and surprising) for dessert.

And as with all Devour Madrid tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid mini-guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay!

Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch & Prado Museum Tour
Behind-the-Scenes Botin Lunch & Prado Museum Tour Image

Discover the dramatic history and rich culture of Spain through two of Madrid’s most famous institutions: the Prado Museum and the Sobrino de Botín restaurant, named by the Guinness Book of World Records as the oldest restaurant in the world!

Experience the famous Prado Museum like never before! Skip the line and head straight to the must-see paintings as you discover the best of the Prado in a fascinating but succinct 1.5 hour visit. As you walk through the halls of Spanish art you’ll also take a stroll through Spain’s dramatic history. Dive into centuries past to meet the characters, artists and events that made these works possible. We’ll take you beyond the paint on canvas and into the minds of the men (and a few women!) who created them, commissioned them and, along the way, shaped the fate of Spain. We’ll visit about 20 of the Prado’s most famous artworks by masters like Velazquez, Goya, Bosch and Titian, giving you a firm footing to appreciate and understand each painting. You’ll also discover the stories of intrigue, power and mysterious love affairs that swirl behind each painting.

After a morning the in the museum, we’ll head up into Madrid’s gorgeous Literary Quarter where it feels as if Spain’s Golden Age is still alive and well! Stroll the streets where many of Spain’s Literary greats have lived and worked as we walk to a century-old tavern and open our appetites with a traditional Madrid aperitif.

Then it’s off to the oldest restaurant in the world for a leisurely lunch complete with slow-roasted pork and plenty of red Rioja wine! Immerse yourself in centuries past as you discover the living history inside Botin, from its mystery-laden escape tunnels to the table still reserved for writer Ernest Hemingway. Taste the roasted house specialty from the nearly 300+ year old ovens that have served the likes of Goya, F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Kings of Spain and others!

Join us for an unforgettable daytime experience that brings Madrid to life through its two most famous institutions: culture and cuisine!

Hidden Madrid Food & Market Adventure
Hidden Madrid Food & Market Adventure Image

Discover a side of Madrid few visitors ever see! On this daytime foodie adventure you’ll immerse yourself in Madrid’s gorgeous, off-the-beaten-path Literary Quarter, one of the city’s most historic local neighborhoods and a place where Spain’s literary idols have lived (and eaten!) for centuries. You’ll fall in love with its tree-lined cobblestone streets, gorgeous architecture, and small family-run boutiques and eateries— which is where you’re headed on this food tour!

Go behind the scenes at the oldest grocery store in Madrid and try their locally made delicacies in a secret tasting room. Indulge in the city’s best tapas & treats at family-run bars and cafés that are hidden in plain sight. Stroll through a buzzing neighborhood market, meet the the vendors and taste their specialties including acorn-fed black-hoofed ham from friendliest butcher in the business! In short, you’ll discover the foods and flavors that are a true expression of a real Madrid neighborhood.

Along the way you’ll meet the hardworking local people behind Madrid’s great food and learn their stories, along with the fascinating history of the neighborhood they call home. Hidden gems, intriguing stories and mysterious tales await throughout this beautiful neighborhood!

And as with all Devour Madrid tours, you’ll get our Devouring Madrid Guide, which is packed with all our favorite places to eat, drink and shop in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay!

Bring your appetite for a morning of off-the-beaten-path foodie bliss!

Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour
Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour Image

Come discover the secret of Madrid’s cuisine – a melting pot of flavors shaped over the centuries by people from all over Spain. A steaming cup of sinfully delicious hot chocolate, a taste of Madrid’s most classic cocido stew from a 100-year-old kitchen, the city’s best homemade Spanish omelette, and a blowout tasting of three types of cured Spanish ham (including the world-famous acorn-fed Iberian jamón) are just a few of the 12+ tastings served during this tour – including 7 of the city’s most typical dishes!

The Ultimate Spanish Cuisine Tour is for those serious about discovering Madrid’s best flavors. Wash it all down with famous Rioja wine, as well as local Spanish vermouth on tap and hard cider from the north of Spain (which you’ll learn how to pour the local way!).

Where did all this delicious food come from? Almost 500 years ago, Madrid suddenly became the capital of the Spanish Empire, and the city’s Madrid’s population boomed as Spaniards from all corners of the country came in search of a better life. And they brought with them their regional recipes, making Madrid the best place in Spain to taste the diverse flavors of this country— which you’ll do on this wonderful morning food tour!

As you explore the narrow streets and broad squares of the historic centre of Madrid, you’ll pop in and out of tucked-away family run eateries– many over 100 years old– to taste their homemade specialties. You’ll meet local vendors (from a family of expert ham slicers to a fourth generation tavern owner) and your expert English-speaking guide will tell you their stories and the history and culture of each dish you’re tasting.

Between bites you’ll pass by and hear the fascinating stories and secrets of emblematic Madrid sites like the Royal Palace, the Plaza Mayor, and the Plaza de la Villa as well as lots of lesser-known hidden corners of the historic centre.

And as with all Devour Madrid tours, your guide will give you a copy of our Devouring Madrid mini-guide, which is packed with all our favourite places to eat and drink in the city, so you’ll be eating well for the rest of your stay! So put down your guidebook and experience Madrid like a local!

Private Tours & Corporate Experiences
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Each of our delicious food and tapas tours is available as a private experience