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10 Virtual Cooking Classes to Feed Your Wanderlust (and Appetite)

Want to spice things up in the kitchen? These virtual cooking classes bring cuisines from around the world into your home with delicious results.

It’s been said a million times: we’re all spending a lot more time at home these days. Maybe you’ve been channeling your energy into cooking, and finally trying out all those recipes that have been on the back burner. But after a while, you’ll need some new inspiration… and a bit of escapism, too.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of traveling abroad, nibbling on pastries in Paris, savoring seafood in Lisbon or devouring a pan of paella in Spain (honestly, same). In the meantime, you can do the next best thing: learn how to make these dishes at home!

A recent explosion of online cooking classes has saturated the virtual marketplace with options. The best ones let you learn from local experts, interacting with them as they tell the stories and secrets of their cuisine. 

But how do you know which ones are worth your time? We’re here to help.

A list of the best virtual cooking classes from around the world

Top 10 Virtual Cooking Classes from Around the World

We’ve done the research and rounded up the best virtual cooking classes to bring authentic flavors straight into your kitchen. Hone your culinary technique and explore the world through your taste buds with our top picks, including online experiences from our own guides and staff across Europe!

1. Reveal the Secrets of Roman Pasta

When it comes to pasta, Romans don’t mess around. In Cook Pasta Like a Roman with Abbie, you’ll learn about the Eternal City’s classic pasta recipes and the rules that govern each. Live from her Italian kitchen, Abbie will show you how to prepare two authentic dishes in under an hour. Close your eyes, take a bite and let yourself be transported straight to a sunny piazza. We recommend coming prepared with Italian wine… and maybe a pint of gelato for later.

Plate of carbonara pasta
Authentic carbonara can be yours: plane ticket to Rome not required.

2. Turn Your House into a Tapas Bar

There’s nothing we love more than an evening spent standing at a busy bar, devouring one bite after another as we sip a drink and socialize. Maybe we can’t do that right now, but a Tapas Cooking Class with Enrique is probably the next best thing! Learn how to make three simple and authentic tapas, plus a pitcher of sangria to wash them down. You can even eat standing at your kitchen counter for the full tapas bar experience.

Slice of Spanish potato omelet
Learn how to make the perfect tortilla—including the infamous flip!

3. Create World-Class Cocktails at Home

You know what goes well with home-cooked meals? Cocktails. We’re betting you already have a few favorite drinks in your repertoire, but why not expand your expertise? This Mixology Masterclass imparts all the secrets to professional bartending, in pre-recorded segments that you can watch whenever you want. We’ve got our eye on chapter 16: “Pairing Cocktails with Food.”

4. Raid Your Rice Stash to Make Some Paella

Paella might just be the most iconic—and misunderstood—dish in all of Spain. Professionally trained chef Arantxa is here to set things straight in the ultimate Spanish Paella Experience. Join her from her kitchen in Madrid as she shares all the essential ingredients and insider advice you’ll need to enjoy authentic paella at home. Tip: invest in some good Spanish saffron now—you’re going to have a serious paella craving soon.

Virtual paella cooking class
You haven’t really made paella until you’ve learned the secrets from Arantxa!

5. Travel Back in Time… With Eggplant

Who needs a time machine when you’ve got a medieval cookbook? Taste Catalan History with Hannah is an immersive look into Catalonia’s past, led by a Barcelona local and expert in this region of Spain and its gastronomic history. You’ll dive deep into the Middle Ages, and learn how to make a recipe from Europe’s first cookbook not written in Latin. If it were up to us, all history lessons would involve stuffed eggplant—and we think you’ll agree.

6.  Learn How Portugal Does Comfort Food

Portuguese cuisine might not be as famous as that of its neighbors, but it’s no less delicious. See for yourself in this interactive Portuguese Cooking Class as Lisbon local Sara shows you how to make one of the country’s classic comfort foods. The ingredients list isn’t long, but it might surprise you: salt cod, eggs, olives and potato sticks? Trust us: it’s the combination you never knew you needed.

Portuguese virtual cooking class
Sara with the final product: a soul-warming plate of bacalhau à Brás!

7. Sharpen Your Knife Skills

Want to take your cooking game to the next level? Check out this Knife Skills Mini Class. In just 12 minutes, you’ll learn professional chefs’ food prep secrets. It’s fast, it’s free, and it’s the perfect primer to get ready for a more in-depth experience. Or spend some time practicing on your own! Our digital cookbook, Recipes from the Devour Tours Kitchen, offers endless opportunities: sliced onions, diced potatoes and minced garlic galore.

8. Bring the Basque Country to your Kitchen

You’ve heard of tapas, but what about pintxos? These bite-sized delicacies hail from the Basque Country in northern Spain, and can be topped with just about anything your heart desires. In her Pintxo Cooking Class, Claudia will introduce you to three of the most common varieties, and teach you how to construct them at home. Grab some crusty bread, a handful of toothpicks and a bottle of txakoli… you’re just an hour away from Michelin star-worthy cuisine.

Basque pintxos on the bar
Incredible Basque pintxos can be yours in just an hour!

9. Join the Club… the Baking Club

Stress baking is definitely a thing. But it doesn’t have to be stressful! Christina Tosi, of Milk Bar fame, has created an online community of home bakers. Every day on her Instagram account, she posts a photo of ingredients for the next day’s mystery dish. Then she goes live to reveal the recipe, and takes you through it step by step. It’s silly and fun, and the recipes are simple takes on classic sweets. You can never have too much dessert, right?

10. Clean Out Your Fridge in Style

We understand that your resources are likely limited right now. If you want a way to finally use up all those random bits and pieces taking up precious shelf space, this class is for you. What’s In Your Fridge?! pairs you with an international chef who will take a look at your options, come up with a main course and walk you through preparing it. It’s the ultimate lesson in taking whatever the world (or pantry) has dealt you and making it extraordinary.

Ready to devour even more? Check out our full lineup of virtual cooking classes and interactive online experiences to bring Europe’s most delicious destinations right into your home, and get a sneak peek in the video below!

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