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What Is Salmorejo?

Salmorejo: Spain’s Refreshing & Hearty Cold Soup

Salmorejo is a cold soup with a tomato base– much like the ever popular gazpacho. What makes salmorejo different than gazpacho (Spain’s other cold soup) is the addition of quite a bit of stale bread, hard boiled egg, and diced serrano ham served on top. Gazpacho blends many more vegetables (like onion and pepper) whereas salmorejo is only tomatoes and perhaps a clove of garlic. Another difference is that gazpacho is often drunk from a glass, while salmorejo is served in a bowl.

Salmorejo originates in Cordoba, Andalusia where summer temperatures break 100°F quite often. When served as a very cold soup, salmorejo makes the perfect lunch or dinner option. Many people eat it as a starter, but it is hearty enough (especially when topped with hard boiled egg and diced ham) to have as a main course.

Check out this delicious Salmorejo Recipe from the Spanish Sabores Spain website.

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    1. Never had gazpacho served to me in a glass anywhere in Spain .My husband was a Spaniard and we traveled throughout his beautiful country every summer for over 20 years.

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