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Cheers! Where to Drink Sangria in Madrid

Sangria is to Spain what ice cold beer is to the States—quintessential!

Spanish wine punch is the perfect summer drink—smooth, sweet, refreshing and boozy. While traditionally made with Spanish red wine, no two recipes are the same. Dating back to the Roman Empire, sangría was a combination of red wine and whatever alcohol and fruit was on hand. These days, a house sangria is generally a variation of red wine, orange or lemon juice, a liquor (rum, gin or brandy!), sugar, ice and chopped up fruit. Essentially, it’s an alcoholic fruit salad, which makes it health food in our book! Looking to try some? Here’s our top picks for where to drink sangria in Madrid!

Sangria is synonymous with Spain. So if you're visiting the capital, definitely check out our list of where to drink sangria in Madrid!


Sangria is the type of drink meant to be sipped slowly while reclining under a beach umbrella. Unfortunately, Madrid doesn’t have a beach, but it does have OjaláThis bar knows ambience is key when it comes to sangria, that’s why they’ve turned their downstairs into a sandy beach—chiringuito (beach bar) included. What better way to enjoy their unique twist on sangria—red wine with a dash of gin and vermouth—than by sitting back and feeling the sand between your toes?

Address: Calle San Andres, 1

El Palco

Next stop on our list of where to drink sangria in Madrid is El Palco. This elegant cocktail bar is housed in Platea, a gourmet food amphitheater in Plaza de Colón. It’s the place to see and be seen. From your seat at El Palco’s bar you’ll  have the perfect view of Platea’s stage where performances vary from Cirque du Soleil acrobatics to the hottest international musical artists. And did we mention the sangria? Happy hour gets a whole lot happier when you’re drinking one of El Palco’s summer cocktails. After a glass of their spectacular sangria, head downstairs to the patio for some tapas tasting (we recommend the salmon and feta cheese stuffed olives!)

Address: Calle de Goya, 5-7


Visiting Madrid? Take a look at our list of where to drink sangria in Madrid!
Another round of sangria? We’ll drink to that!


If you’re visiting Madrid in the winter but still want your sangria in the sun, look no further than Saporem. Located in the heart of the literary quarter, this restaurant is home to one of Madrid’s best winter terraces. You can sit back under the sun (or under the retractable roof in the case of rain) and try their cava and strawberry sangria while listening to a little blues, rock or even country music. With their fabulous decor, your Instagram will never look better! What more could you ask for?

Address: Calle Ventura de la Vega, 5

Las Cuevas de Sésamo

No list of where to drink sangria in Madrid would be complete without mentioning Las Cuevas de Sésamo. It’s easy to miss this bar with its nondescript door at Calle Príncipe, 7. But go down a flight of stairs, and you’ll find yourself in an urban cave. Let us set the scene: Low tables and even lower lighting, walls covered in lines of poetry, pitchers of sangria served to boisterous clients while a pianist bangs out a few tunes! Having a drink in Las Cuevas is like going back in time. In fact, during the days of the dictatorship, many famous artists, actors and literary giants frequented the caves, including Ernest Hemingway, Juliette Greco, Ava Gardner and Jean Cocteau. These days, the tradition lives on. So stop by, you never know who you might meet!

Address: Calle Príncipe, 7

Tapas and sangria---the perfect combo! Wanna give them a try? Check out our list of where to drink sangria in Madrid!
Tapas and sangria—the perfect combo!

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