Where to Eat in Madrid on Sundays: Our 5 Top Picks

In Madrid, Sundays are for relaxing, unwinding and eating delicious food!

Many madrileños spend Sundays at home with their families, enjoying a long, leisurely lunch and plenty of conversation. However, there are still plenty who prefer to get out and spend the day in town. If you’re visiting the city, finding out where to eat in Madrid on Sundays can be tricky. Some bars and restaurants close up shop for the day, and many of those that stay open are overpriced tourist traps. Skip those and enjoy a meal at one of these much more authentic options!

It's happened to us all before: you eagerly arrive to the market where you want to grab a bite.. only to discover that it's closed because it's Sunday! If you're looking for a place to eat in Madrid on Sunday, take a look at our travel guide of the best bars and restaurants that are open. Foodies will love the tapas selection at each one! #travel #travelersnotebook #tapas #foodie #spain #europe

1. Casa Lucio

Calle Cava Baja in the happening La Latina neighborhood has dozens of bars and restaurants. Not all of them are created equal. Head straight to Casa Lucio, one of La Latina’s best restaurants and one of our top picks for where to eat in Madrid on Sundays. A true family-run affair, this historic restaurant is a Madrid institution (just ask its dozens of famous patrons) and home to some of the best huevos rotos in Madrid!

AddressCalle Cava Baja, 35

Casa Lucio tops our list of where to eat in Madrid on Sundays!
Casa Lucio is a true Madrid institution. Photo credit: Manuel

2. Casa Revuelta

Sometimes all you need is some fried fish and beer. That’s exactly what Casa Revuelta does best, making it one of our favorites when figuring out where to eat in Madrid on Sundays. Hidden away between more touristy places in the area surrounding Plaza Mayor, locals constantly pack into this tiny, unassuming bar. The fried bacalao (codfish) is the specialty of the house and will set you back at less than 5 euros when paired with an ice cold beer.

AddressCalle Latoneros, 3

Wondering where to eat in Madrid on Sundays? Pop into Casa Revuelta for fried bacalao and a beer!
Casa Revuelta is home to some of Madrid’s best fried bacalao!

3. Taberna El Sur

Get off the beaten path and head into the vibrant local neighborhood of Lavapiés, where few tourists wander. Here, you’ll find the small but charming Taberna El Sur, which locals adore for its welcoming atmosphere, friendly service and—of course—delicious food at reasonable prices! Simple tapas are the star of the show here. It’s the perfect place to spend a few hours chatting with friends over beer long after the meal has ended.

AddressCalle Torrecilla del Leal, 12

4. Alhambra

Escape to the south of Spain without leaving Madrid! Alhambra is a perfect little haven of Andalusian flair right here in the capital. The interior decor evokes Cordoba, Granada and Seville. Dishes such as rabo de toro and gazpacho bring the flavors of southern Spain to life. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a Sunday meal, but you can also catch some great flamenco music here later at night.

AddressCalle Victoria, 9

No need to wonder where to eat in Madrid on Sundays! Stop by Alhambra for amazing tapas.
Alhambra is the perfect place for a tapas lunch!

5. Restaurante Vivares

Located in a bright, beautiful, recently renovated space on Calle Hortaleza, Restaurante Vivares is home to both the traditional and the eclectic. Residents of the vibrant Chueca neighborhood love this locale for its friendly service and welcoming staff as well. Without a doubt, it’s where to eat in Madrid on Sundays if you want a casual, relaxed experience in one of the city’s hippest barrios.

AddressCalle Hortaleza, 52

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Step outside your foodie comfort zone this Sunday! Caracoles, anyone?

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