A Day at the Park: Where to Eat Near Retiro

With more than 350 acres of green space, Retiro Park is Madrid’s crown jewel and is the ideal place to spend a sunny day. Stroll along the grand avenues, check out the street performers and musicians, then grab a spot of grass to take a break or a nice siesta.

A visit to Retiro is an essential part of getting to know Madrid. Wandering around this magical park can help you work up an appetite, so we created this handy guide on where to eat near Retiro Park.

Wondering where to eat near Retiro Park? The options are almost limitless! We've put together a guide of our 9 favorite places to grab a bite near Retiro.

The Classics


Road trip through Andalusia in only a few plates by having a meal at Lambuzo. This popular restaurant is a great place to eat near Retiro. Every dish is filled with Andalusian flavor, and the freshest ingredients are used to create a plethora of delicious dishes like fried fish, salmorejo, and even oxtail risotto. After a visit to Lambuzo, you’ll be planning your next trip to southern Spain in no time.

Address: Calle de las Conchas, 9

Fried fish is a specialty at Lambuzo and is just around the corner from Retiro!
Fried fish is a specialty at Lambuzo, just around the corner from Retiro!


Need a pick-me-up after your day at the park? Harina is the perfect place to eat near Retiro. Choose from a variety of fresh, organic bread and pastries, as well as Mediterranean-inspired meals such as olive and tomato salads and even pizzas. Top off your meal with a tasty pastry, and a coffee or tea and head out to enjoy sunny Madrid.

Address: Plaza de la Independencia, 10

El Perro y la Galleta

This vintage-style restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy food and drinks with friends before a day out at Retiro. This stylish bistro offers traditional Spanish dishes like croquettes, Spanish tortilla and of course, jamón. Try their mushroom Parmesan risotto or mouth-watering veggie tartare for a surprising twist on the classics.

Address: Calle de Claudio Coello, 1

Fresh & Healthy


“Incredible sandwiches, impossible magazines” is Magasand’s motto, and they live up to every word. This fun cafe has delicious food, cool magazines and relaxed vibes. From chicken curry sandwiches and salmon bagels to quinoa beet salads, Magasand has it all. They even make lunch and breakfast packs to go if you want to eat your meal at the park! Sounds like the recipe to a perfect afternoon out at Retiro.

Address: Calle Columela, 4

Grab a fresh and healthy lunch near Retiro.
Nothing like a fresh salad after a day out at Retiro.


Arugula is arguably the best salad place in town and for good reason. Located on the north side of Retiro, this bistro creates salads made to order as well as soups and sandwiches. There are endless ingredients to choose from to tailor your perfect salad. Arugula has a great lunch option that includes a salad, a soup and a drink for just €12! You can also take your lunch to go and enjoy it at Retiro.

Address: Calle de Velázquez, 9


This trendy spot focuses on serving fresh, seasonal dishes that are not only delicious but healthy as well. Menu options are mostly plant-based, and there are plenty of choices for those avoiding gluten, dairy or sugar. Choose from classic breakfast options like porridge with berries and chia seeds or their classic American brunch. If you’re craving something a little heartier, then try out their smoked salmon or artisan burger topped with garlic-infused honey and diced pepper.

Address: Calle de Velázquez, 11

Unique Finds

Goiko Grill

Talk to any local about hamburgers, and every single person will mention Goiko Grill. It has become an obsession for burger lovers. Since their hamburgers are made with 100% Galician beef, it’s easy to see why. With toppings such as caramelized onions, goat cheese, bacon or guacamole, these are no ordinary diner burgers. Order takeout, and enjoy your meal in beautiful Retiro instead of waiting for a table at this popular restaurant.

Address: Calle de Núñez de Balboa, 12

Need a place to eat near Retiro? Goiko Grill is a popular spot to grab delicious and unique burgers.
Need a place to eat near Retiro? Goiko Grill is a popular spot to grab delicious and unique burgers.


Had your fill of Spanish tapas? Craving something with a little more of a kick? Then head over to Mestizo, a beloved local restaurant with food from various regions of Mexico. Travel through the diverse cuisine of Mexico by ordering their DF tamales filled with chicken mole, fresh cactus salad or more classic options like nachos, ceviche or chile rellenos. No matter what you end up ordering, be prepared to leave happy, full and ready for the rest of your day exploring the city.

Address: Calle de Recoletos, 13

Taberna Pedraza

Located right outside the eastern entrance of Retiro, Taberna Pedraza is a special place to discover the beautiful simplicity of Spanish cuisine. Owned by a Spanish couple, they are committed to using locally-sourced products to serve quality, traditional Spanish food. Their menu changes monthly, but the one item that never changes is their tortilla. It is absolutely delicious and always worth the trip.

Address: Calle de Ibiza, 38

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