Who We Are

We’re a small team of food lovers who call Spain home and who are passionate about sharing this country’s spectacular cuisine. And we founded Devour Spain Food Tours to do exactly that! Our mission is to give our guests an insider’s peek into the real Spain, and a taste of the country’s true local cuisine. Day and night, we eat our way through neighborhoods, local markets, bars and restaurants, searching for the most delicious dishes and tastiest bites. And only the best ones make it onto a Devour Spain food tour.

But we don’t stop there. It’s not just about the food. Behind each delicious taste on one of our tours is a proud, passionate local, and telling you their story is an essential ingredient in every Devour Spain food tour. Local chefs, specialty food shop owners and neighborhood food entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of their communities, and the true soul our tours. So why not join us; why not see and taste the real Spain? Guidebooks might tell you where to eat. But we’ll tell you what to eat and why. People have told us that our enthusiasm is contagious – we think you’ll agree!