Where to Buy Jamón Ibérico in Madrid (And Where to Eat It, Too!)

If Spain had one national gastronomic treasure, it would undoubtedly be jamón ibérico.

The country’s cured-to-perfection ham is unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. When it comes from the pigs that are native to the Iberian peninsula, it’s even better. Of course, that probably means you’ll want to stock up! Here are our favorite places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid (and where you can eat it, too, of course!).

Jamón ibérico is one of Spain's most legendary tapas and a staple of local cuisine. But what makes this ham better than all the rest? Join us as we go behind the bite with this infographic. #Spain #jamón #foodie #tapas #delish

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Need a primer on all things Spanish ham? In the video below, Devour Tours co-founder Lauren gives a quick intro to your new favorite cured meat.

Don Jamón

Despite its seemingly touristy location right on Gran Vía, the clientele at Don Jamón tends to be a pleasant mix of locals and visitors. It’s also a great place to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid if you’re staying close to the center. Buy some fresh-sliced ham to take home for later, or enjoy it in-house. They specialize in high-quality Spanish cured meats, but they also offer some delicious home-cooked tapas as well. Order a drink (like their delicious vermouth) and get a tapa for free!

Address: Gran Vía, 60

There are so many great places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid. Pay attention to their professional slicing techniques!
Slicing jamón is a true work of art!

Alma de Julián Becerro

This family-run gourmet shop now has several locations in the city. However, its Calle Cava Baja location is one of our favorite places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid. Known as Alma de Julián Becerro, it truly captures the heart and soul of patriarch Adrián Becerro’s endeavor. The products here are carefully hand-selected to ensure the finest quality. If you have time, be sure to sample some of the meat in-shop with a nice glass of local wine.

AddressCalle Cava Baja, 41

Alma de Julián Becerro is one of our favorite places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid.
Sliced-to-perfection jamón—there’s nothing better!

Casa Gonzalez

In addition to being one of our favorite places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid, Casa Gonzalez is also a fabulous deli and wine bar! Many of the products have been cured to perfection for two years, making them the highest quality available. This family-run shop holds true to the same roots as when it was founded in 1931 without feeling stuffy or old-fashioned. Don’t miss their fabulous selection of more than 200 Spanish wines, either!

AddressCalle del León, 12

Casa Gonzalez is a great wine bar as well as one of the best places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid.
We could go for some jamón and wine at Casa Gonzalez right about now!

Mercado Antón Martín

You can’t beat Mercado Antón Martín‘s location smack dab in the middle of the city. However, the clientele here is purely local! Experience a day in the life of a true madrileño when you visit this vibrant and colorful market. Enjoy some fresh-sliced ham for a fraction of the price as in the tapas bars, and pick up some bread and cheese while you’re at it for a quick and easy picnic. This is one of the most authentic places to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid!

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Want to buy jamón ibérico in Madrid? Here are some of our favorite local shops and markets!

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  1. Vo ha linh says
    April 16, 2019 at 5:21 pm

    I want buy jamom where do you buy mardird or barcelona

    1. Katie Stearns says
      April 17, 2019 at 11:39 am

      You’ll find great cured meats stores in both Madrid and Barcelona—you can’t go wrong with either!


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