The Best Time to Travel to Madrid

Planning a trip to Madrid? Looking for the perfect time to visit?

Each season in Madrid offers unique travel advantages. Here we’ll give you the run down on the best times of year to come and visit this magical city!

The Retiro in the Spring is an explosion of flowers! Spring is perhaps the best time to travel to Madrid

Photo Credit: Ronny Siegel


Love crisp autumn days? We’ve got you covered! Fall is perhaps the loveliest time of year to travel to Madrid. Days are sunny and warm with just the slightest chill in the evening. It’s the perfect season to explore Madrid’s beautiful parks such as the Retiro or El Capricho or take a day trip from Madrid to Toledo or Segovia.

Insider’s Tip: Love great art? There are wonderful collections to visit at the famous museums in Madrid (Prado, Reina Sofia, Thyssen) and also at the many lesser know museums and galleries.

The Palacio de Cristal in the Retiro Park framed by fall leaves. Photo Credit: Viviendo Madrid


With the twinkling Christmas lights and holiday cheer, winter is a special time to visit Madrid. Make sure you pack your sunglasses because we have beautiful chilly days with bright sun. Sample seasonal treats like almond turrón and crumbly polvorones cookies. Stroll like a local through the festive window displays for some great shopping or visit the Christmas Markets— see our Madrid Christmas shopping guide here! With so many delicious restaurants, you can warm up with a big bowl of cocido (Madrid style meat stew) or for a sweet treat, tuck into thick hot chocolate with churros.

Insider’s Tip: If you don’t like crowds, be aware that Spanish people flock to the Sol central plaza around Christmas and it can get a little intense.

Warm up with hot chocolate and churros!


Madrid practically bursts into spring and it’s definitely considered the best time to travel to Madrid by many! Flowers bloom and jackets come off. There is a festive mood with Semana Santa or Holy Week filling the streets with processions. While you are here, try traditional Easter sweets called torrijas (milk and white wine soaked bread fried and sprinkled with cinnamon sugar). Aside from the Holy Week, Madrid’s patron saint San Isidro is also celebrated with a weekend of concerts and festivities in mid-May. You’ll be able to put a flower in your hair and learn traditional Chotis, Madrid’s folkloric dance, in plazas through the city.

Insider’s Tip: Temperatures can be unpredictable so be prepared for anything from sandal to rain boot weather.

A couple in traditional dress cuts a rug during San Isidro. Photo Credit: mi)


Looking to drink an ice-cold beer on a shady terrace? Madrid in the summer offers nightlife, rooftop terraces and cultural events. Beware; in July and August, temperatures soar (up to 105 Fahrenheit/40 Celsius) with no break from the heat at night. Also, the city practically shuts down in August with local businesses closing for summer vacation. If summer is your travel time, never fear because the museums are well air-conditioned and there are a number of outdoor film festivals and concerts, not to mention the summer delicacies to be eaten such as cold gazpachos and artisanal ice creams served throughout the city.

Insider’s Tip: Cool off at area swimming pools. Municipal pools are a local favorite and even have bars where you can order tinto de verano (summer wine cooler), crispy calamari, ham sandwiches and other poolside treats.

Beat the heat with cool gazpacho on a summer day.

Madrid for all seasons

Whatever season you choose, Madrid offers something for everyone. The best time to travel to Madrid is up to you!

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