Where to Eat Near the Westin Palace in Madrid: Our Top 5!

So, you’ve booked a trip to Madrid—yay! You’re staying at the iconic Westin Palace—lucky you! All that’s left to do is make your dinner reservations…but where?

That’s where we step in—Devour Madrid is at the ready to help you decide where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid!

Not sure where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid? Check out our food guide!

Smack-dab in the middle of Madrid’s Literary Quarter, the Westin Palace’s location is ideal for exploring Madrid. The Barrio de las Letras is a historic neighborhood, once home to great writers of the Golden Age of Spanish Literature—like Cervantes and Quevedo—and also once the stomping grounds of Ernest Hemingway. The Westin Palace is part of this history. Built in 1912 this luxury hotel has hosted luminaries like Pablo Picasso, Marie Curie, Mata Hari, and later, Ava Gardner, Lauren Bacall, and Rita Hayworth, to name a few.  These days it’s still a very artsy neighborhood—with one-of-a-kind boutiques and avante-garde art galleries. It’s a bustling local community, with packed terraces and tapas bars and of course, fantastic food. So, if you’re looking for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid, look no further and check out our list!

Mr. Frank

You’ll find this cozy little Barrio de las Letras staple on Calle de Jovellanos, near Spain’s congress. At Mr. Frank the dishes are traditional Spanish fare with a chic twist and the menu changes with the seasons. The decoration is warm and welcoming and seating is in high demand (make sure to reserve in advance!) Grab a drink in their downstairs cave or sit down to a delicious dinner upstairs. Either way you won’t be disappointed—an evening at Mr. Frank is always an experience!

Address: Calle de Jovellanos, 6

When it comes to where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid we know the best places!
Grab a drink at Mr. Frank!


One of the best things about Madrid is that Spanish culture converges here. For instance, you don’t have to go all the way to Spain’s Canary Islands for good Canarian food. You can just pop in to Gofio where chef Safe Cruz—hailing from the Canary Island of Tenerife—works with his team of Canarian chefs to bring tastes from home to the capital. Gofio is a dream experience for those of us who like to try a little bit of everything, because here the only decision you have to make is if you want 6 plates, 8 plates or 10 plates—the Chef takes it from there! We recommend you come for lunch (and with a big appetite!) so you can follow up the meal with a much needed siesta back at the Westin Palace.

Address: Calle Lope de Vega, 9

L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen

When it comes to where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid, L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen is a must. The concept at this Huertas staple is an interesting one—French and Japanese cuisine under one roof. At L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen (Furansu being Japanese for “French”) they offer a mix of of Japanese and French dishes featured on a parallel—not fusion—menu. Our favorite part of dining at this local hot spot though is their 14 euro set lunch menu, because it actually does change daily—as it should be! It’s the perfect combination of French cuisine—fine dining, dishes as carefully planned as the rest of the dining experience—and Japanese cuisine—freshness and variety. You won’t be disappointed!

Address: Calle Ventura de la Vega, 15

Looking for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid? Look no further!
Sushi at L’Artisan Furansu Kitchen is a must!

La Verónica

La Verónica is an extravagant refuge from the hustle and bustle of Huertas (another name locals use for the Literary Quarter and also the name of its main drag). Here gastronomy, design, art and literature collide. The restaurant is as modern looking as its menu is traditional. Make sure to order the fresh pasta with Scarlet shrimp, the salmon marinated for 8 hours in avocado, tapenade, fennel, and red onion or the La Verónica filet with homemade french fries and a vegetable of the day.

Address: Calle de Moratín, 38

Inclán Brutal Bar

For tasty tapas with a twist head to Inclán Brutal Bar! Named for the famous Spanish Modernist writer Ramón del Valle-Inclán, this Huertas bar is as original and creative as its namesake. Inclán Brutal Bar’s tapas and “super tapas” are perfect for sharing and a great way to kick off your Spanish cuisine experience. Make sure to order the beet gazpacho and their pulpo (octopus). Also a plus, the service is fantastic, food and drink are affordable and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. So, if you’re not sure where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid, you’ll most definitely want to stop here!

Address: Calle Álvarez Gato, 4

Searching for where to eat near the Westin Palace in Madrid? Search no further!
It’s not a trip to Spain without tapas!

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