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The Yummiest Tortillas in Madrid

Craving a scrumptious tortilla? Good news! Madrid has some of the best in all of Spain!

When asked what they consider a typical Madrid dish, many people instantly think of the famous Spanish omelette. With so many places offering the delicious tortilla, it can be difficult to know where to find a really good version of it.

Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of the yummiest tortillas in Madrid that are sure to hit the spot, along with a quick run down of the history of this delicious dish. Visit any of the following restaurants, and we’re sure you’ll leave a happy (and full) customer.

New to Spanish cuisine? Then you must try one of these spots for the best tortillas in Madrid, and no, we don't mean the kind you wrap around a burrito!

Photo Credit: Juantiagues

What is a Tortilla Española?

You can’t come to Spain without trying a tortilla, a deliciously simple dish, well-loved across the country. Those of you unfamiliar with Spanish cuisine may be picturing tacos, but a Spanish tortilla is a not a flatbread! You can’t use it to make a burrito (well, okay maybe you can, but it would get really messy).

The word tortilla means ‘little cake’ in Spanish, and is commonly referred to as a Spanish omelette in English. Traditionally, tortillas are filled with sliced or cubed potatoes, which resembles a layer of cake.

Spaniards’ love of the tortilla can get intense, and has incited some online clashes. Diehard tortilla purists, known as Sin Cebollistas, insist that a true tortilla española (Spanish omelette) should only contain eggs and potatoes. Their opponents, the Cebollistas find this definition to be too narrow, and argue for the inclusion of onions in the dish.

Then there are the radical tortilla enthusiasts. They enjoy their tortillas with a variety of ingredients, including delicious Spanish peppers, tuna and eggplants. Though it should be noted they usually do not contain all these ingredients at once, because that would be just crazy!

Hungry for a tortilla yet? Satisfy your cravings and stop by the following restaurants for the yummiest tortillas in Madrid. Or make your own at home with our tortilla de patatas recipe!

With layers of potato mixed in with delicious egg, this slice of tortilla perfectly displays what the traditional dish should look like!
A closer look at a traditional Spanish omelette. Photo Credit: Lokate366

Casa Dani

Though located in one of the poshest neighborhoods of Madrid, Casa Dani is not at all pretentious, located in one of the city’s oldest markets, Mercado de la Paz. Its tiny bar is always filled with both businessmen and blue collar workers. It’s a very popular spot largely because they serve authentic Spanish dishes at great prices.

Bar Docamar

Bar Docamar is a family run business that has been in operation for over 50 years. Though they are primarily known for serving one of the best patatas bravas* in town, their tortillas are just as delicious! Enjoy your tortilla with a a bit of their their famous salsa brava drizzled on top.

*Patatas bravas is another very popular Spanish favorite. It consists of fried potato wedges served with salsa brava, a spicy paprika-based sauce.

La Botijería

Tucked away on Plaza Conde de Barajas in a quieter corner of the center, La Botijería is one of the most exciting new restaurants on the scene in Madrid. They may not have been around for decades, but their tortilla is already becoming the talk of the town. Try the classic version, or step out of your comfort zone with one of their more unconventional options—whichever you choose, it’s sure to be delicious.

This is definitely one of the yummiest tortillas in Madrid, soft and mushy - it's heaven!
A great tortilla achieves the perfect blend of gooey and firm.


Txirimiri (pronounced chi-ri-mi-ri) means ‘drizzling rain’ in Euskera, the native language in the Spanish province of Basque Country. Their menu reflects their heritage, offering modern Basque inspired cuisine like monkfish and prawn black lasaña served with coconut milk sauce. Opening their first restaurant in 2003, they have since opened at three more locations.

Be warned: Txirimiri is quite popular and can get very busy, however the wait is worth it!

Juana la Loca

This trendy tapas bar serves some truly creative dishes, so it isn’t surprising they’ve added a little twist to the classic tortilla. In addition to the two key ingredients, eggs and potatoes, their tortilla is filled with a wonderful confit of caramelized onions.


If you like your eggs runny, be sure to try the award winning tortilla at Sylkar. They have yet to change their tortilla recipe since opening in 1970, and why would they? Their tortillas have won numerous contests and has been recognized by many as one of the best in the city.

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6 Responses

  1. This has to be one of my favourite dishes… so I was drooling as I read your article. Great photos too!

    I make a tortilla at home 3 or 4 times a week and hubby isn’t a fan, so I get to eat it all myself. I’m definitely a sin cebollista although I do add garlic.

    E x

  2. My favourite dish by far so thanks for the recommendations. Also the Maison De Tortilla just down from Mercardo San Miguel (I think) is very very good .

  3. It’s such a popular dish that it can be hard to find a truly good tortilla in this city but you’ve got some really nice suggestions. I’d add Bar La Rosa, too, in Embajadores. You can see them making the tortillas right in front of your eyes behind the bar and it’s the first free tapa that they give you when you order a caña, and the combo comes out to 1,20€. A steal if you ask me.

  4. Guys you should really try the tortilla at La Penela. It’s only €8 for a whole one and it’s too die for. Plus, there’s a discount if you get it to go.

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