Best Restaurants for Kids in Madrid: Our Complete Guide

Figuring out where to eat in a new country can be complicated enough, but dining out with kids adds an extra challenge!

A different language and unfamiliar food can make even the simple experience of dining out seem like a whole new world for kids. And as parents, it can be tough to try and figure out where you all can go out to eat to leave everyone happy. This comprehensive guide to the best restaurants for kids in Madrid will help you narrow down your choices and make your eating experience much easier. It is possible to eat like a local, even with little ones in tow!

Looking for the best restaurants for kids in Madrid? We've got your complete guide right here!

Insider’s Tip: Locals love taking their kids along when they enjoy a meal out. As a result, kids are not only welcome, but their presence is embraced at most eateries. For the little ones, most restaurants in Madrid do have high chairs—you just have to ask! A high chair is called a trona in Spanish.

Restaurants geared towards kids

If keeping the kids happy is your main concern, there are plenty of great places that feature fun play areas and other children’s spaces. Kids can run around and play to their hearts’ content while parents and grandparents enjoy a quiet meal. Here are some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid with spaces specially designed for niños.

1. La Excéntrica

Delicious, authentic Spanish food meets kid-friendly fun at La Excéntrica. This brightly decorated, friendly restaurant in the city center makes for the perfect place to enjoy a family meal. Their menu features both simple Spanish favorites as well as innovative new dishes for more adventurous eaters. On weekends, their kids’ play area, La Excentrikita, opens during dining hours so kids can enjoy a few hours of fun while you eat and relax.

AddressCalle de las Fuentes, 10

La Excéntrica is one of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid!
Kids will love the tasty albóndigas (meatballs) at La Excéntrica!

2. Mamá Campo

Natural, ecological products are the pride and joy of Mamá Campo, a lovely little restaurant in the family-friendly Chamberí neighborhood. This beautifully decorated space is home to farm-fresh traditional dishes using only the finest local, organic ingredients. There is a small kids’ space on-site, and its location just off of picturesque Plaza de Olavide makes for a great place for kids to play as well.

Address: Calle de Trafalgar, 22

Parks & Plazas

Home to countless perfect plazas and lush green spaces, Madrid makes it easy to enjoy a leisurely family meal out in the fresh air. These types of places are home to some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid. Even if they’re not specifically advertised as “kid restaurants,” they’re especially popular among local families. Parents can hang out on the terrace enjoying their meal or drinks while kids have a blast running around!

Some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid are located near parks!
Madrid is full of beautiful places to spend time with family in the fresh air! Photo credit: sk

3. Cabreira Restaurante

Plaza Dos de Mayo in the hip, happening Malasaña neighborhood might be one of the most picturesque terraces in Madrid (and that’s saying a lot!). It’s home to a handful of great bars and eateries, among them Cabreira Restaurante. This modern, trendy restaurant makes sure to pay tribute to traditional recipes and cooking methods, as is evident in the fresh and flavorful menu options. While they don’t have a separate kids’ menu, there are plenty of simple, delicious dishes to choose from that kids will love.

Address: Calle Ruiz, 2

Some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid are located on plazas where they can play!
Many of the restaurant terraces on Plaza Dos de Mayo are right next to the kids’ play area! Photo credit: Juan Carlos Castro

4. La Taquería de Birra

Located in splendid Plaza de las Comendadoras, La Taquería de Birra was one of the first Mexican restaurants in the city. As home to delicious and authentic tacos, nachos, quesadillas and more, there’s no shortage of kid-friendly options on the menu! And to top it all off, there’s a great playground right in the square itself, making it the perfect location for a family meal.

Address: Plaza de las Comendadoras, 2

5. Madrid Río

Okay, so this option is technically a park, rather than one of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid. However, if you’re looking to enjoy a simple, casual meal out in the fresh air while the kids play, you can’t get better than Madrid Río. This lovely riverside park is dotted with dozens of food trucks and kiosks where you can grab a quick bite. There are 17 total play areas throughout the park as well, each geared towards a different age group, so kids of all ages will have a blast!

Madrid Río is home to some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid!
Enjoy a lovely outdoor family meal at Madrid Río! Photo credit: M. Peinado

Simple, delicious food

Some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid don’t have fancy play areas and kids’ menus. Sometimes, the best option is simple food at a normal restaurant that locals love. Here are some options where you can enjoy a delicious family meal everyone will devour.

6. Casa Mingo

If there’s one thing kids the world over love, it’s roast chicken. That’s the star of the show at Casa Mingo, an Asturian-style restaurant and cider house in Príncipe Pío. They’ve been serving up perfect rotisserie chicken since 1888, and the place still retains much of its old-school charm from decades past. This no-frills local favorite makes for the perfect place to enjoy a family meal.

AddressPaseo de la Florida, 34

Casa Mingo is one of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid due to their simple, delicious family-friendly food.
Perfect roast chicken at Casa Mingo!

7. Los Huevos de Lucio

If you’re on the hunt for simple food kids will love, we’ve got two words for you: huevos rotos. This popular dish, whose name translates to “broken eggs,” consists of eggs fried in high-quality olive oil and piled on top of fried potatoes and jamón or chorizo. What’s not to love? That’s the specialty of the house at Los Huevos de Lucio, highly regarded by locals as home to the best huevos rotos in Madrid. This family-run favorite also serves up more kid-friendly options, like croquetas and fried fish.

AddressCalle Cava Baja, 30

From their famous huevos rotos to their deliciously creamy croquetas, Los Huevos de Lucio is one of the best restaurants in Madrid for kids.
Pass the croquetas, please!

8. Juana La Loca

Even at less than 20 years old, Juana La Loca‘s dishes take inspiration from traditional Spanish classics. Eating here is a true feast for the senses: in addition to the simple yet fabulous food, you’ll be swept up in the friendly, vibrant local atmosphere. Most madrileños agree that this is home to the best tortilla de patatas in Madrid. Kids will love this simple favorite: just eggs, potatoes, salt (and possibly onions!).

AddressPlaza Puerta de los Moros, 4

Juana La Loca is one of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid, as well as home to some of the best tortilla in town!
Nothing beats a gooey slice of tortilla!


We’re huge fans of Madrid’s incredible market scene. In addition to being truly authentic places to go grocery shopping, they’re also home to some of Madrid’s quintessential bars and restaurants. Many of these great market bars also make for some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid. The sheer variety of choices inside most markets means there’s something for everyone!

9. Mercado de San Fernando

A true staple in the Embajadores neighborhood since 1944, you can’t get much more local than Mercado de San Fernando. The market has undergone renovation efforts in recent years, bringing it a fresh look while still retaining its old-world, traditional charm. You’ll feel at home among the locals as they go about their shopping and stop for tapas at one of the market bars. Kids will also enjoy playing in the large open space in the center of the market with madrileño children their age!

AddressCalle de Embajadores, 41

Some of the best restaurants for kids in Madrid are located inside markets!
Visiting the market can be a fun and refreshing family experience!

10. Mercado de Antón Martín

As one of Madrid’s most storied and traditional markets, Mercado de Antón Martín is truly a classic. Many of the more than 5 dozen stalls have been around for generations. The vendors are truly passionate about their high quality products, which often go for very affordable prices compared to similar dishes at the tapas bars. As a bonus, its proximity to Retiro Park makes it a great place to pick up supplies for a family picnic!

AddressCalle de Santa Isabel, 5

11. Mercado de la Paz

Madrid’s trendy Salamanca neighborhood is full of pleasant surprises. It’s chic and posh (making it a great shopping district) but also one of the best neighborhoods in Madrid for families. It’s also home to Mercado de la Paz, one of Madrid’s oldest markets that still retains its humble, traditional feel despite its upscale surroundings. The lovely, welcoming space is home to dozens of family-run stalls and restaurants. For a quick, kid-friendly bite, be sure to enjoy the unbeatable tortilla at Casa Dani!

AddressCalle de Ayala, 28

Eat like a local in Madrid in a way that kids will love! Our Madrid for Kids Walking Tour with Activities & Snacks consists of 3 fun-filled hours exploring Madrid’s most iconic sights. Your friendly, passionate guide will enchant and amaze kids with captivating stories and legends, activities and games, and even give them a chance to practice their Spanish! And of course, you’ll enjoy some of the best family-friendly bites at two local favorites. We hope to see you and your family soon!

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